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You know, Juggiebear, when you were about 3 years old. You were staying with me and your grandpa and you had this really bad dream. One that you couldn’t shake. We stayed up ‘til about 5 o'clock that morning writing. You didn’t really know any words at the time other than “daddy” or “mommy” but that’s not the point of the story. The older you got, every single time you’d come visit us, you and I would stay up until all hours of the night and even the morning just writing whatever our hearts desired. Your grandfather loved reading your work. Wanna know somethin’? I kept every single piece of your work. I have a box in my trailer that’s labeled “Juggie’s Work”. Maybe one day, I’ll show you how much you wrote.

“A grandmother knows. A grandmother holds her grandkids. A grandmother protects like they are her own young. A grandmother loves with her whole heart and never asks for anything in return. A grandmother is your best friend, your worst enemy, your therapist, your doctor. A grandmother is a grandsons greatest appreciation.” 


Random starter for Jughead || @joneshead

“You know Jug, you don’t always have to feel like the loner kid or somethin’. I know, the serpents offered to have your back. Just–” Flora paused for a second. “Just be careful, my love. You have two family members that were part of them, are still part of them. One good and one not so good.” She sighed, the thought of what FJ had done still got to her every now and then.

Starter for Jughead || @serpentbloodwriter

Flora had just got back into town. She’s been gone a couple months, needing to get away when she heard of the commotion going on with the Blossom Family. She figured she’d at least take care of Jughead, knowing too well he was probably couch hopping or something. As she made it to the south side, she saw the raven-haired boy and looked over. “Forsythe Pendleton Jones III” She hollered towards him, of course teasing with his full name.


You want to hear the truth, son? The truth about your grandfather? My old man, yeah he’s no saint. We all know that to be true. Your grandfather was a drunk, a prick, and an abuser. He fucked up grandma Flora’s life. Promising her shit that couldn’t be done. But, that’s the thing, your grandfather fucked up my life so bad that I ended up just like him. Now, many always told me that I didn’t have to follow in his footsteps but that’s the thing, Jug. When you crave your father’s attention, you tend to lean towards him in any direction you can go, whether it’s good or bad. Want to know the reality of why he was kicked out of the Serpents? He stole from them. Stole from the bar, stole from many of the guys, and even went so low as to almost kill one of them. 

He had a buddy, his name was Carter but your grandfather here, he called him Scorpion. Scorpion and your grandfather, they were the top dogs of the Serpents. Well respected but one day, your grandfather snapped. Had one too many drinks and snapped. Took a knife on Scorpion. Said that Scorpion was just another snake that he claims he wasn’t but that’s the thing, your grandfather was a snake himself. He put Scorpion in the hospital, cost him two fingers and to go blind in one eye. Your grandfather may act like a good man but deep down, that good man is nothin’ but an act.. Ain’t that right, dad?