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Day 7-Meet My Grandparents-Isaac Lahey

Teen Wolf Imagine:#69 Prompt:#…None?

Word Count: 945

Warnings: Swearing. Lot’s of swearing.

A/n: This writing is something very personal to me, and It was something I was very emotional about when I was writing it. For anyone who isn’t aware I lost my grandfather in September. He was the only positive father figure I’ve ever had in my life and he loved me despite all my short comings. I could never do anything wrong in his eyes, and he always believed I would find ‘my thing’ though if you asked me he always knew it was writing and story telling. This will be my first Christmas without him and I think when I was writing this was the first time I really let that set in. That I’ve really thought about him being gone since the week after. This isn’t a sad writing, I think it’s actually a happy one, an image I’ve had in my head of bringing someone I love home to meet my grandparents, more specifically my grandpa. It’s just sad to know it will never happen for me.

Sorry, enough of my blubbering. Onto the writing!

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Puss ‘N Boots - Part 1

Phelous, Lupa and Cinema Brad team up to look at a French cash in on Dreamworks’s Puss in Boots starring William Shatner. However they might need some help from Benzaie, Sad Panda and Fat Grandma.


Fenton England Blue and White Azalea Ceramic Gardening Boot

This is a curious little find! A darling vintage ceramic gardening boot covered in blue azalea flowers and adorable ribbon lace. This would be great for q-tips, makeup brushes, or general toiletry needs, and could be used equally near the sink in the kitchen or on a sewing table, or desk.
Printed on the bottom: AZALEA, J. KENT LTD, FENTON, ENGLAND

Age: Best guess 1950’s

Condition: Good vintage condition; no chips nor cracks, light crazing that adds to its character.

Size: 3 inches in height and 4 ¾ inches in length.

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