Over the summer I found these 2 awesome vintage die-cast Shogun Warrior toys at an old toy store. They had other Shogun Warriors there but out of the lot the Grendizer is my favorite. I was thinking of picking up the Gaiking and Getter Dragon, but they were so badly damaged I didn’t feel like picking it up.

The Shogun Warriors were imported versions of the Japanese Super Robots licensed by Mattel. The Mattel versions of these toys had die-cast bodies but didn’t have knee joints or rocket fists.

I picked up 2 Grendizers because I wanted one that I can keep as an original and one to paint. Since they were so cheap, I thought it would be cool to paint one and carry it around with me. The physical condition of the second Grendizer wasn’t very bad, but most of it’s paint was chipped. Instead of just repainting it in it’s original toy colors, I decided to paint it according to the Grendizer anime colors. All the parts are held together by 1 screw in the back and once you take it off, it falls apart into 7 Pieces. Since the parts are so small, it required a lot of masking and hand painting for the detailed parts. The toy may be getting a new layer of paint on it, but I plan to keep the soul of the toy by letting the flaws of the old paint to show though the new one. I should have taken a pictures of the before, but I only have the other Grendizer as a comparison.


Une vidéo d'introduction à la merveille qu'est Goldorak, pour ceux qui on le malheur de ne pas avoir fait connaissance de la perfection sous forme audio-visuelle.


Grendizer Opening


Voici Goldorak en plein action. A noter: les rayons, les explosions.