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A collection of pictures from a recent backpacking trip at grandfather mountain in NC

nathan farber photography
I'm in Fraser's Ridge Country!

Hello all! I’m spending six days in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains within 10 miles of Frasers Ridge! I want to share a few wee pictures with ye. Now, if ye haven’t read all the Outlander books, please know that I’m referring to some of the later stories Herself wrote.

Here is a view Jamie and Ian might have enjoyed from the peaks above Fraser’s Ridge. I’m looking west from Grandfather Mountain. This area is a scenic travel attraction and an International Biosphere Reserve.

There is a very diverse ecosystem in these mountains including Frasers Pine and rhododendron.

Claire might have picked these plants for her surgery.

I love all of the interesting rock formations…perfect for hiding treasure, ye ken?

This is MacRae Meadows at the base of Grandfather Mountain where the modern day Highland Games are held. Again, Herself has written that this area is smack in the middle of Frasers Ridge country…within 10 miles!

I’m standing one mile high up, facing East towards the Atlantic Ocean, on Grandfather Mountain. It is the possible site of the Gathering held at Mt. Helicon in The Fiery Cross.  Now, it is the site of annual Grandfather Mountain Games including the “Calling of the Clans.”

Finally, this is the Mile High Swinging Bridge, built in 1952, at Grandfather Mountain. It is the highest suspension foot bridge in the Americas! I stood on it to take the east and west facing photos. I can tell ye, it sways!

Hope ye all are enjoying your holidays!

The deeply grateful,

Outlander Anatomist