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Welcome to Day Three of @zutaraweek. Here is Day One, Chapter One: Fired Up and Day Two, Chapter Two: Underwater.

If I never eat seafood again, it’ll be too soon. OK, maybe Gran Gran’s steamed seaprawns don’t count. They actually do taste good after a long day at work.

So, I’d be just fine if I never see raw fish again… hmm, except that I really like Mushi Sushi. They use the freshest ingredients, and the restaurant never reeks like the Marine Science Center’s medical lab. I wear a tight braid every day, and I swear that fishy smell is even woven into the strands of my hair. It’s settled into the fabric of my uniform shirt for sure, but that doesn’t pose a challenge. I wash Sokka’s socks after all.

“You do your brother’s laundry?” Zuko raises his good eyebrow. He wears that incredulous look often. I normally think it’s kinda cute, but not today.

Storms are sweeping through the bay which means Zuko and Hahn have been reassigned to the center instead of their usual offsite duties. I do not appreciate them breaking my stride.

“Damn right, she does,” Hahn interjects. “That’s a woman’s place, y’know. Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids…”

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kratos44355  asked:

I had a little theory, what if like avatar Roku said about friendships surpassing lifetimes applies to descendants? Think about it, korra became good friends with Katara and her children, Tophs kids, Zukos grandson. What if the water bender who trained Roku was grangrans father or grandfather, his best friend Sozin is the great grandfather of Zuko, and maybe his earthbending master is related to Toph? I don't know if this is all a stretch but I was just wondering.

I mean yeah, absolutely. It’s not exactly a foreign concept in terms of the fandom since we see loads of gifsets demonstrating exactly that concept. 

anonymous asked:

How is Kylo in any way "more or less identical" to Zuko? The only thing they have in common is they have a nice uncle and both are angsty. I mean, Kylo's backstory is almost the opposite of Zuko's (and awfully underveloped and nonsensical).

An angry young warrior from a violent imperial power who climbed too high on pedigree alone and is under constant pressure to live up the lofty legacy of his father (for Zuko)/grandfather (for Kylo.)

More unnecessary over analysis.  Fire nation royal family

Everyone is talking about how the dynamic between Ozai and Iroh must have been like the dynamic between Azula and Zuko.  Snobby, favorite, evil younger sibling vs abused older sibling.

I argue it was the other way around.  Iroh was the snobby, favored one and Ozai was the one that was abused.


1)  Iroh was an over achiever like Azula.  "Dragon of the West.“  Most respected military officer of his day.  Led siege to Ba Sing Se.

2)  Besides being a good fire bender, Ozai hadn’t actually done anything particularly special.

3)  Zuko Alone flashback shows favoritism.  Azulon talks about iroh with sympathy, he says "The pain of losing a son.”  But then he tells Ozai to kill his own son.  What kind of dad asks his kid to do that?  Yeah.  We know which one is dad’s favorite.

4) Final interesting paralell.  The reason Iroh turned out okay I believe is because when his son died, he had to face his own hubris.  Azula also has to face her own hubris in Sozin’s Comet (however she doesn’t do that very well)

Conclusion:  The Only reason Iroh turned out to be good is because something happened that made him question the status quo, and if Zuko hadn’t been banished, he would have turned out to be an even eviler fire lord than his father or grandfather.

One liners that sum up ATLA
  • The Entire Series: My great-grandfather Sozin happened. (Zuko, Season 3)
  • The Show: Aang can save the world. (Katara, intro)
  • Season 1: Aang's going to take me to the North Pole to find a Water Bending Master! (Katara, Season 1)
  • Season 2: We need to see the Earth King! (Sokka, Season 2)
  • Season 3: But I don't have the Avatar! What if father doesn't restore my honor? (Zuko, Season 2)
  • The Comic Books: 100 years of fighting has left the world scarred and divided. (Zuko, Season 3)
  • The Promise: Fire Nation out! Harmony now! (Earth Kingdom Rebels, The Promise)
  • The Search: Where. Is. My. Mother. (Zuko, Season 3)
  • Conclusion: Zuko basically sums up the entire show 99% of the time!

holy shit. I know this has probably been talked about before, but Zuko’s daughter is named Izumi, which means…. source of water. Also General Iroh mentioned that his grandfather(Zuko) and mother(Izumi) have a close relationship with the southern water tribe….. Hahahaha I am in to deep ahahahahaha