grandfather joey

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This may sound like a weird question, but some reason your Sammy design from BATIM could look like William's grandfather or father. And Joey looks like Bonnie mask bully when he's older.

e-e………………… much confusing

Bad english win (?)

on shadows and darker halves

So Yami is Yugi’s darker half right? The shadow to his light and all that good shit, but what if, follow me on this, what if Yami were literally Yugi’s shadow? What if, when, Yami was first freed from the puzzle, he replaced Yugi’s shadow with himself?

So let’s talk about Yami, or Atem, or whatever. Let’s talk about him being stuck in the millennium puzzle, in an offshoot or the shadow realm more or less, for thousands of years. Let’s talk about how it warps and changes him, makes him something else.

Yami doesn’t act much differently than he would’ve normally, first off. Let’s be frank, he’s still a deathless guardian of violent revenge when he first manifests, saying he’s any different is a bald-faced lie.

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I love Joey’s Grandfather voice! <33