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This may sound like a weird question, but some reason your Sammy design from BATIM could look like William's grandfather or father. And Joey looks like Bonnie mask bully when he's older.

e-e………………… much confusing

Bad english win (?)

@hixystix tagged me and because it’s Saturday night and I have no life I might as well post 10 songs from my library on shuffle as requested:

  1. Watney’s Alive - The Martian soundtrack
  2. A Kind Of Magic - Queen
  3. I Go to Extremes - Billy Joel
  4. To Where You Are - Josh Groban
  5. I Sold My Bed, But Not My Stereo - Capital Cities
  6. Captain Jack - Billy Joel
  7. Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring - Josh Groban
  8. Grandfather - Joey Fehrenbach
  9. Remittance Man - Jimmy Buffett
  10. Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes - Fall Out Boy

As always, I have to remark on the fact that I rarely if ever listen to a lot of these. One song I had to skip entirely because I’ve literally never listened to it and I’m not sure why I saved it to begin with.

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That’s only seven but I’m philosophically opposed to pyramid schemes despite having depended upon them.

I received an anonymous ask on my personal account for Bering & Wells and “things you said through your teeth” for the Ficlet writing prompt. Here you go sweet anon. It took an odd turn. 😳

B&W “things you said through your teeth”

“This never would’ve happened if you would’ve just listened to me for once,” Helena gritted through her teeth and vicious smile.

“Yeah well if Pete could manage to keep his mitts off artifacts clearly marked ‘do not touch,’ we wouldn’t be here in the first place,” Myka replied.

Myka twisted her wrist against the rope and the chairs the pair were tied to. Across from them stood Pete in full clown regalia, laughing maniacally to himself while pantomiming what appeared to be shopping for produce at a market.

“My grandfather told me about Joey Grimaldi when I was a child. He was already dead by the time I was born and by the time I was an agent for the Warehouse, they had begun the search for his face paint,” Helena explained, “Apparently it was found during my…absence. But why would Pete so stupidly put it on?”

Myka sighed, “It’s Pete. Who knows? How do we get out of this? And get the clown back to normal?”

“Can you reach into my pocket?” Helena shifted her hip so that her jacket slid over the back of the chair toward Myka’s hand.

Pete glanced in their direction, Myka and Helena both laughed aloud until he resumed his miming. With an eye roll, Myka blindly reached for the pocket in question. She fumbled for the pocketknife Helena had stashed there. Myka carefully opened the knife and sawed at the ropes at their wrists. She heard a rope snap and Helena’s hand came free. Helena grasped carefully for the knife and cut Myka’s wrist free.

Pocketknife now closed, Helena nodded to the bucket of goo sitting next to Myka’s leg. Myka nodded in understanding. Pete took a bite of what could have been a pretend apple. Helena stood, clapping raucously, “Bravo!”

Pete smiled and bowed. As uprighted himself, Myka launched the purple substance into his face. The paint sparked. Pete blinked and coughed. He brought his hand up to wipe at his face. Myka sat the bucket down with a loud thump. “What the hell, Mykes?” He asked, slinging goo onto the ground next to him.

“Don’t touch the face paint, Lattimer,” Myka scolded.

“Face paint?” he asked.

“Yeah, first ever clown’s face paint? Don’t touch,” Myka grumbled.

Pete’s memory came back in flashes. Picking up the paint tin, smearing a dab on his nose, then tying up Helena and Myka. “Wait. How’d I get you both tied up?”

Myka’s face turned crimson. Helena smiled broadly and crossed her arms over her chest, “Well technically only one of us needed to be restrained.”

Myka turned immediately and marched toward the office. Helena patted Pete lightly on the shoulder. His eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, then, “Oh my god!”

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means:
  • I'm re-watching Yu-Gi-Oh! And there's this big fuss halfway through season one about how Joey and Yugi have to duel each other despite being best friends. Yugi's dueling to save his grandfather while Joey is after the prize money to pay for the treatment his sister requires to save her eyesight, or she'll go blind.
  • And it's been bugging me since this arc started; It's literally in everyone's best interest for Yugi to win. He's got an ancient, benevolent spirit coaching him to be unstoppable. He's not the type of person to keep the money, and Maximilian Pegasus wouldn't give a shit what Yugi did with the prize money. He could take the match, save the people Pegasus is keeping prisoner, AND give Joey the prize money to save his sister. Instead they're setting this up as some sort of emotional trial Yugi has to go through? It just doesn't make any sense. It would make more sense if Pegasus was like "you can't give the money away lol fuck you" but legally there's not really a foolproof way of doing that. Instead there's no real thing stopping this from being an all-win situation if Yugi wins and yet the kid's like "Joey I don't know if I can do this, will we still be friends?" It just doesn't make sense. The emotion that's supposed to be present feels like a farce because there's no real reason for it to be there.
on shadows and darker halves

So Yami is Yugi’s darker half right? The shadow to his light and all that good shit, but what if, follow me on this, what if Yami were literally Yugi’s shadow? What if, when, Yami was first freed from the puzzle, he replaced Yugi’s shadow with himself?

So let’s talk about Yami, or Atem, or whatever. Let’s talk about him being stuck in the millennium puzzle, in an offshoot or the shadow realm more or less, for thousands of years. Let’s talk about how it warps and changes him, makes him something else.

Yami doesn’t act much differently than he would’ve normally, first off. Let’s be frank, he’s still a deathless guardian of violent revenge when he first manifests, saying he’s any different is a bald-faced lie.

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I love Joey’s Grandfather voice! <33