grandeza azteca

Left: “Grandeza Azteca” - Jesús Helguera (1948)
Right: “Crisol de Razas” - Humberto Limon (1975)

The picture on the left I have seen since I was a little girl and has been my favorite painting of all time. Today in the Museum Soumaya (in Mexico City,) I saw the second and it left me stunned. I was so in love with the original painting that at first I had a visceral reaction to the second. No, I though, that woman should not be carried by a Spaniard, it’s not right. But after staring at it longer I came to accept that it was a well done painting and it did a nice job of symbolizing the “Melting Pot” that was the result of the Spanish conquest.

However the original painting by Jesus Helguera (that is actually depicting a legend that has been imagine in paint form many time by many artists, so not too original) remains my all time favorite painting.