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Can you recommend some french youtubers? I need to practice my listening. thank you!

Sure ! Imma give you most of the french youtubers I’m subscribed to, it’ll be easier hehe.

that’s what i watch most of the time at least. Hope it helps ! Also practicing hearing is the way to go. I began listening to Pewdiepie to learn english back in the day xD


My time at Versailles this summer, enjoy! 

these past few days as a frankie/zankie stan have been fucking great I'm so happy right now

I mean honestly frankie has so much to deal with right now. his grandfather died, he has no way of knowing how his family is really doing dealing with his death, this is the first time that he’s been out of the loop with what’s going on in ariana’s life, and to top it all off, his best friend in the house is gone and the fact that he was instrumental in getting zach out is probably weighing on him. he has no one to talk to about everything anymore and he’s just been looking so down and i wanna give him a hug and ugh my baby :(