grandebiebergomez replied to your post: Everyone thinks I hate Selena. Wrong. I never said that. I think she is a great actor. WOWP is a great show that I watch all the time and I love watching her movies. I love her music and I love listening to her albums, I just don’t like listening to her singing live. I think she is a great person and I don’t mind that she is dating Justin Bieber. Sure I disagree with some of the decisions she has made in the past but everyone has flaws and makes mistakes. Sometimes, other people’s words just influence me and for a moment, I dislike her. I will never be her biggest fan, but I’m not a hater. I like her, I really do and lately, I’m becoming more fond of her and I think I’m becoming a bigger fan day by day. The reason for this; every time I see a hate comment about her, I defend her. I don’t see why she gets so much hate and I feel like it’s my duty to stick up for her. So basically, I think I’m being converted into a Selenator. So I might be posting more Selena stuff from now on.Got a problem? Tough. Unfollow me, I’m not forcing you to follow me.

I freaking love your post. omg. <3

hahaha, thanks :’) <3