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Ireland Gothic

A tourist begins to speak to you about the magic of fairies. You nod along but hope they do not speak ill of the little folk. People who scorn the fairies never last long.

Your mate offers to buy you another drink. You already have another drink. You all do. Where did they come from?

“Don’t forget to bring a coat with you in case it rains,” your mammy tells you. It doesn’t matter. They always disappear when the rain arrives.

It’s a scorching day and you are drawn outdoors. Suddenly the smell of slurrey hits you. The farmers are sending a warning.

A visitor is in your house. You offer them tea. You don’t know why.

You finish a phone call and the words are dragged out of you “Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.” It’s an ancient chant. Hopefully it will be enough.

The briars snatch at you as you walk down the path. You don’t know if they are trying to pull you into the undergrowth to devour you or to save you from whatever lies at the end of the path. You don’t want to know. You begin to run, sending up dirt and stones behind you.

You are told that an animal was sent to “the farm.” You know nothing escapes from there.

You can hear the noises outside your window as you try to sleep. The screams of animals fade to the background know. They’re accompanied by the rain on the roof. Or is it rain?

Old houses stand empty in the fields, their mossed stones weatherbeaten, the tatch a distant memory. They have stood empty for years. Everybody sees the faces where the windows used to be. Nobody mentions them.

You speak in Irish to your friend from down the country. They speak back to you. Neither of you understands the other. They’ve been trying to seperate the people for as long as you can remember. Only the native speakers know who they are.

You are sent to the Gaeltacht to learn the language. Nobody mentions those summers again. You wonder if they happened. What did they teach you there?

You can hear a kettle boiling in the kitchen. Did you put it on? You thought you were alone.

They were talking about “yer man” but never specified who exactly they were talking about. All you know is that yer man is next.

When somebody asks where you come from you automatically say near the closest big town. Noone must know your true origins. Noone must speak of the town. Those with loose lips never return.

Myth says the sky is blue, but when you look out your window you only see an expanse of white. You can’t remember seeing anything else.

You find the immersion left on. You don’t know how long it has been on for. Everytime you turn it off the light comes back on. You know that their wrath is coming.

The Leaving Certs apply to the CAO. They tell you it’s the Central Admissions Office. They don’t tell you where you’re being admitted to.

Exam season comes around. The salt in the tears of students keeps the country afloat. You look in at the schools and thank them for their sacrifice. What’s a couple of students?

You’ve been warned about the bogs. We’ve all been warned about the bogs. Their hungry, damp holes waiting to swallow us and take revenge for the stealing of the peat. We find the occasional mummified corpse. Bord na Mona will take care of it.

You are stuck behind a tractor. It turns into a field. Another tractor appears from a country sideroad. And another. And another. Each one replaces the last.

Time has a different meaning here. You never know if it’s actually five minutes or an Irish five minutes.

Somebody wishes the luck of the Irish on a person. They seem delighted. You know what the power of that curse really is.

Ever notice how librarians seem to really be into cats?

That’s not a coincidence.

Have you ever heard of library cats? 

They’re domesticated cats that live in libraries worldwide.

It might seem like some strange new fad, but libraries and cats go way back – waaaaaaay back. 

These furry librarians were first hired around 3rd century BCE at the Ancient Library of Alexandria by a librarian named Petsis to perform an invaluable job: to protect the library’s collection from pests like mice and rats, which are still a bane on libraries everywhere to this day (no matter how clean a library might be).

Here’s a few examples of feline librarians around the globe:

Israel, at Gulbenkian Library; Jerusalem, Israel

Dewey Readmore Books, at Spencer Public Library; Spencer, Iowa, US

NEOS, at the Fairview Campus library of Grande Prairie Regional College;  Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada 

(his namesake is the name of the online catalogue program used by a consortium of public and academic libraries across Alberta; my university library during my undergrad used it, actually) 

Library Cat, at the University of Edinburgh Central Library; Edinburgh, Scotland

Kuzya, at the Novorossiysk Public Library; Novorossiysk, Russia

He’s required to wear a bow tie because as the Assistant Librarian he has to look dapper on the job. (No, really).


Ok, Yuri on Ice Pokemon AU I’ve been thinking about since episode 3, where everyone gets at least one ice type in their teams because ice skaters, and the action is more focused on Pokemon Contests than battles.


  • His family raises Swinubs because of their ability of occasionally finding hot springs while rooting for food
  • Yuuri’s family believes that the reason their hot springs still prospers while all the others in the region closed is due to Yuuri’s Snorunt
  • Yuuri rarely catches Pokemon in the traditional way, most of his team are Pokemon he befriended that decided willingly to go inside the Pokeball. He is a very caring trainer and a natural at dealing with Pokemon, but he is still very insecure in his own abilities
  • He is not the biggest fan of battling because he doesn’t want his Pokemon getting hurt, but he still engages in it because some of his Pokemon like it and he wants them to be happy. It’s his biggest shortcoming when it comes to Contests
  • Yuuri was inspired to become a pro Coordinator by watching Victor’s performances when he was young. He also took a liking to Furfrous and started raising and training one of his own (Vicchan) to be his main contester
  • He did terribly at his Grand Festival run because, shortly before it happened, Vicchan passed away due to illness 


  • A legendary Top Coordinator who started very young and won the Grand Festival in multiple regions. He also remains the undefeated Pokemon League Champion for five years and counting
  • Has a competition-retired Furfrou (Makkachin) that he now keeps as a pet
  • He mostly keeps League battles and Contests separate but some of his Pokemon double for both (like his Ninetales)
  • As a coordinator, Victor likes to surprise the audiences by using his Pokemon in unexpected ways instead of going for the obvious 
  • Has grown dispassionate with both battles and Contests and starts considering dropping out of the circuit all-together and go traveling with his Pokemon
  • He watches a video of Yuuri and his Pokemon doing one of Victor’s routines with his Ninetales and decides to retire from competing in Contests to coach Yuuri instead and make him and his Pokemon win the next Grand Festival
  • Victor gifts Yuuri with a Dawn Stone to evolve his Snorunt into a Froslass, which would become one of Yuuri’s main Pokemon in the upcoming competition


  • His entire team consists of cat Pokemon
  • Yurio enjoys battling more than Contests but he has a natural talent as a Coordinator. He was scouted by Yakov when he was young and has been training as a Coordinator under him, but he often skips on training to go challenge random people to battle
  • He met Victor through Yakov and quickly decided he would be his rival. Victor calls Yurio “little Litten”, much to Yurio’s annoyance
  • Victor is his goal, both as a Coordinator and a Trainer. He wishes to end his reign as the Pokemon Champion and is actively collecting Gym Badges during Contest off-season so he’ll be able to challenge him
  • During Contests, Yurio tends to focus on showing off his Pokemon’s strength and power and his routines tend to be very showy but also sometimes reckless
  • When Yurio was young he made Victor promise to choreograph a routine for one of his Pokemon for Yurio’s debut at the Grand Festival. When he finds out Victor decided to mentor Yuuri instead he challenges Yuuri
  • After being defeated by Yuuri, he decides to take Contests more seriously and makes it his goal to beat Yuuri at the Grand Festival
Toronto and GTA Gothic
  • “I’m going up North,” your co-worker says before the long weekend. “Going up North!” they tweet the next day. “Going up North,” their Facebook status reads, weeks later. As far as you can tell, they are still going, always North.
  • You rent a condo, from a sub-letter, who is renting from a sub-letter. You ask who the owner of the condo is, and they don’t know. No one in the building seems to know who owns any of the condos. You hear a rumbling from the foundation. You sense that the condo is hungry.
  • It takes you two hours to get to Brampton from downtown. When you tell someone this, they laugh. “You need a car to get anywhere,” they say. You ask them how much theirs cost, what they pay for insurance, what kind of mileage they get. “You need a car,” is their only reply. The roar of engines from the road becomes deafening, but as the glare of headlights sweep by you can see your companion’s lips forming the syllable, “CAR.” 
  • The summer rain smells like aluminum, and does nothing to wash away the grit that hangs in the humid air. You go to the Beach. It’s caked with people, lying in the scalding sand, staring out at the water. The lake is caked with dead fish, little silver carcasses baking in the sun, staring back at the people. Children splash along the shore, and throw dead fish at each other.
  • You decide to get out of the city. You stop at a farmers market, and buy a watermelon. When you cut it open, you find a house inside, a stillborn version of the hundreds upon hundreds you passed that day. It  has fleshy pink drywall, and a delicately transparent faux stone facade. It tastes like rotting fish. 
  • “There are two seasons: winter, and road work,” people say, and laugh nervously. You pass road work crews on Hurontario and hope that the blood spattering from under their jackhammers didn’t get on your new car.
  • From the Moraine, you can see the stars. Thousands of stars, far more than you can see in the city. From the Moraine, you can also see the city. Thousands of lights arrayed across the horizon, like an advancing army, shining back at the night sky. Advancing on the night sky.

September 2018

Dr. Farai and RN/Certified Nurse Midwife Obama break the news to Lexie that her pregnancy is too high risk for their clinic and will require trips to Grand Pass Regional Medical Center for some of her pre-natals and for labor and delivery of her twins.

Yuri on Ice X Pokemon headcanons:

A/N: In honour of pokemon sun and moon coming out in my country today, take this (lobs headcanons at you) I’ll probably do a part 2 as more episodes of YoI come out…

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The skaters:

  • Instead of ice skaters, they’re pokemon contest coordinators.

  • Yuri is from Kanto and Victor is from Sinnoh (because Sinnoh is based off an area in Japan that is often disputed over with Russia)

  • Yuri was inspired to become a pro coordinator due to watching Victor’s performances when he was six. He was so excited to become a coordinator that he even managed to persuade his family to get a Furfrou (like Victor originally mained) before he even turned ten. He was enrolled at the local trainer school/contest hall (bc small towns gotta have multi-use facilities) and quickly gave it his all in training – the family Furfrou becoming a good training partner. He got a pokemon as soon as he turned ten and flash forward to him, now aged 23 and just barely keeping himself classified as a top coordinator – until he attracts the attention of Victor. He likes using pokemon that are often starters (now fully evolved) – Charizard, Serperior, Empoleon, Primarina, Blaziken. His Performance Stage presentations usually focus on the pokemon’s strength, but with Victor he’s being pushed to try a more mysterious, complex style.

  • Victor has a competition-retired Furfrou that he now keeps as a pet. He’s an incredible coordinator that has won the Grand Festival in multiple regions but is taking this year’s season off to mentor Yuri and his pokemon. Victor mostly uses classic pokemon for contests (Rapidash, Lopunny, Froslass, Slyveon, Milotic, etc.) but he often showcases them in unorthodox way (such as showing off a Milotic’s brute strength rather than its beauty).

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anonymous asked:

Qual è il peccato più grande di ogni regione?

Please basta con le domande generiche, sono 23 oc, per me rispondere a queste domande è un po’ difficile! Chiedetemi nello specifico delle regioni che v'interessano!
Comunque è difficile stabilirlo, avendo vissuto per tanto tempo credo che nella loro vita tutte le regioni abbiano almeno una volta preso decisioni infelici, come uccidere, ingannare, tradire e cose così.

Welcome to  T O U H O K U

So you’re ready to live in Yamagata. But where, exactly, will you end up? And what is this ‘Touhoku’ place that you’re hearing about?

Chances are that if you’ve never been to Japan, Touhoku hasn’t been on your list of places to visit. Located in the northern region of the main island (not including Hokkaido), this region houses 6 prefectures - Aomori, Iwate, Akita, Miyagi, Yamagata and Fukushima. If you’ve been placed in any of these prefectures, you will be living in Touhoku.

In many ways, Touhoku remains out of the reach of popularity among foreign tourist attractions. Although it’s beautiful and houses much of Japan’s nature and homely countrysides, it doesn’t have a lot of big cities. The main one is Sendai, located on the east side of Miyagi prefecture, and it is within relatively easy access from the other prefectures by train, bus or shinkansen.

The climate might be of some concern to those of you coming from hotter regions. In the winter, Touhoku is quite cold and tends to experience a LOT of snowfall. Make sure to pack a nice winter coat and boots if you’re coming over - but don’t forget to pack a sense of adventure as well! Because of the snow, there are numerous mountains and slopes for skiing and snowboarding, so there’s never a boring day, even in the winter.

In the summer, the temperatures climb to the 30s and it gets incredibly humid. Because of this, you will want to find yourself a comfortably cool river or even travel to the seaside or the ocean to cool off in the beautiful, clean waters. 

 So, what is there to do?

Touhoku is a great place to see the real Japan - the side that isn’t sold to visitors through popular advertisements and foreigner-friendly designed shops. Through living in Touhoku you will get the privilege of seeing incredible nature reserves, mountains - get to participate in planting rice and take part in local festivals. 

**Aomori Nebuta Festival**

**Akita Kanto Festival**

*Yamagata Hanagasa*

*Miyagi Zao Crater*

*Yamagata Yamadera*

These AND MORE are waiting for you to explore in the grand, lush region of Tohouku. 

Hello, My name Is Brian I’m 35 and I live in the Grand Prairie region of Arkansas.I don’t have the best camera, it’s a Fuji SL1000 but it does the job with a little imagination and extra effort. I love taking photographs every day if possible and at night too. This photo was of a moon rise on 12/18/13. I stood in the middle of a muddy field with a broken flashlight for an hour but it was worth it. This is one of my favorite photo’s I’ve ever taken. I’ve only been doing it for a couple of year’s so I’ll have all kinds of thing’s that are new to me. This is a 30" exposure with an ISO of 800 and focal length of 4mm.


Mystery Solved: Why Some Galaxies Appear Dustier On One Half Than The Other

“Relative to where the stars are, the dust lane is narrow, and bisects the galactic plane. In addition, the stars are more densely packed towards the galactic center, rather than the outskirts. From our point-of-view, this means more stars are visible in front of the dust on one half, while more stars are visible behind the dust on the other half. This results in one side appearing dustier, as the light from the stars behind the dust are obscured.”

When we look at spiral galaxies, we think of grand arms, star-forming regions and dust lanes lining our perspective. But unlike face-on galaxies, where everything looks the same, galaxies that appear tilted at an angle often appear to have one half far greater in its dust-richness than the other. This was regarded as a mystery for a long time, but the recent Pan-chromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT) survey confirmed the leading picture: that the dust lanes are confined to a narrow, central region of the disk, and the dusty appearance is an optical illusion. It’s a simple result of perspective, that more of the brighter stars are hidden behind the dust from one side than the other.

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