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Under Your Spell(ing) [1/3]

Summary: Emotionally isolated skank!Kurt approaches Blaine at a church youth group meeting, and somehow ends up with more feelings than he can handle.

@a-simple-rainbow​ prompted (and then beta’ed because she’s awesome and has super powers): “Skank!Kurt spots yummy goody-two-shoes Blaine on his way to church youth group (partially mandated by parents, partially because he grew up with church so it is smtg that’s part of his life and he doesn’t mind). So skank!Kurt decides to follow Blaine and crash the meeting, all the while spending the whole time eyefucking Blaine.”

She also requested “I walk in on you correcting people’s misspelled bathroom graffiti” as a side prompt (and that took up, like, most of it, oops). And surpriiiiise, I also added this one (to be found in chapter 3 so if you don’t want the spoiler, don’t click ;) ).

Warnings: mentions of bullying (all canon), underage drinking&smoking, some light mocking of religious views (Kurt’s canonical opinions, not mine!)

Chapter 1 (~ 8k words) | Chapter 2 (~ 5k words) | Chapter 3 (~ 8k words)

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Kurt spots him on a Wednesday afternoon in January, and he can’t tear his eyes away.

It’s been an obnoxiously boring afternoon thus far, especially considering that Kurt used to have Glee club after school where he now only has a blank space in his calendar, and he’s on his way to the tiny tobacco store across the street from the Lima Bean.

He’d be lying if he said he wouldn’t rather have a coffee than a cigarette but something about pink-haired boys with piercings ordering a grande non-fat mocha in a cozy coffee shop just screams hipster.

And Kurt isn’t hipster. So he foregoes the coffee, begrudgingly and with a promise to make himself some coffee once he gets home, and lets his eyes wander from the coffee shop back to the street so he can cross it and-

Oh, hello.

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anonymous prompted: Could you maybe write sugar daddy Kurt who has an amazing successful job and young innocent Blaine? Like maybe Kurt works in a very high position in Vogue and Blaine is a fresh faced just out of high school intern. Would love Kurt pampering Blaine and maybe Blaine calling Kurt daddy. Ohh and office fucking in Kurt’s office perhaps. Also available to read on AO3.

There’s a knock on the door, and Kurt mindlessly calls out “Come in!” without looking up.

“Your coffee, Mr. Hummel?”

Kurt looks up to find a boyishly sweet guy peeking his head in and holding a cardboard coffee tray. His hair is matted to his head with gel, and Kurt notices a few stray curls that have escaped the hold at the base of his neck. His face is young, eyes wide and perky and eager.

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Blaine is a 27 year old artist who is lacking inspiration. Then on one, rainy ray, inspiration simply walks into the Starbucks where he is wasting his morning. His inspiration is wearing red pants, his name is Kurt and he’s 19. 

Blaine tapped the pencil against the table absentmindedly, trying to fish some ideas out of his blank mind. It was raining in New York that day and the weather really matched his mood. His coffee was getting cold next to him and his muffin was only half-eaten even though he had sat there for the good part of an hour. He had thought getting out of his quiet apartment would help his creativity flow but here he was, sitting in some random Starbucks, and not a single line had been drawn to the paper in front of him. 

New York was always colorful, with yellow taxis dominating the traffic and advertisements flashing everywhere. Today, though, it seemed like most of the people had opted to wear either black or gray and even the expressions on their faces were solemn and lifeless. It was rather non-inspiring, Blaine thought to himself, and he sighed as he took a small bite of his blueberry muffin. 

That’s when he saw him. 

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