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All of This and So Much More: Prologue [poly!hamsquad x reader]

Time Period: Modern

Word Count: 4.5K

Warnings: Swearing, underage drinking, shitty parents, unrequited crushing

A/N: Okay so this is the prologue for my poly!hamilsquad story.  Let me know what you think!  I’ve got the next few chapters done, so there will be pretty regular updating for a while.  Please let me know what you guys think, and I’ll get more out soon!

Chapter One

Life at the Laurens’ estate was nothing short of picturesque. Up the magnolia lined driveway stood the proud plantation home, a reminder of the family’s rise to wealth. Even in the 21st century, maids and cooks still resided in the home, taking care of upkeep of the estate, as well as the family that lived there.

Henry Laurens was a rising star in the political sphere. His father was currently serving in the US Senate, and for 76 of the last 80 years, there had been a Laurens representing South Carolina. John Laurens was the next prodigal son in a line of prodigal sons.

At least until he met Y/N Y/L/N. Granddaughter of Samuel Y/L/N.  Samuel knew everyone and everything there was to know about South Carolina.  Every governor for the past 20 years had him in their closest council.  While the Laurens represented South Carolina, the Y/L/N’s were South Carolina.

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(Shimmer) Free [Missing Year OQ]

Against all odds, including an irate Queen with a secret resentment for balls, a certain thief finally gets to have this dance. Sequel to Wallflower. 3k. [ffn | ao3]

Happy birthday (one day late) to my darling friend @repellomuggletum15, who can always be counted on to make me laugh, cry, or melt into goop (curse you and your writing!), and to berate me for my horrible taste in garbage TV shows. Love you, BEA.

And thank you @lillie-grey for the word prompt :)

Her gown was indigo blue, almost black when approached from a certain angle, depthless and dark as the lakes that surrounded her castle at night. The bodice was understated, its neckline borderline modest, her curves feeling soft instead of making their usual spectacle. The skirts fell, sweeping, to just grace the floor, so finely threaded with diamonds that Regina glittered blindingly at every turn, shards of starlight piercing through treetops to touch the water below.

She’d found it buried beneath years’ worth of other delicate, sparkling things, girlish things that no longer belonged to the woman she’d grown to be over time. It was hardly her first choice for a ball; in fact, if she’d had any choice in the matter at all, she would have never been caught dead in such a thing. As it was, she blamed Snow White for barging into her private quarters when she did, forcing Regina’s hand if only to avoid being asked yet again what was taking so long to get ready.

In her impatience to avoid Snow’s badgering, she hadn’t done much else to ready herself, scowling at her mirror only briefly in passing to see how wrong she looked, how young, without her boldly lined eyes and red-painted lips.

She’d even left her hair loose, gathered partially up in a way that made her feel half-undone already, before she stepped into the ballroom and felt her gaze moving against her will to land, most unerringly, on his.

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Actual LOT plot summary: Legends: I will take hammer and Fix the timeline *Later* Legends: Timeline is broken! superglue timeline back to its original state

Honestly though.

I still can’t get over Sara lecturing Barry about Flashpoint with all the crazy shit they’ve pulled. Season 1, busting out of the pentagon with Firestorm being dubbed “rocket man” in the news, not to mention that shit with going to the moon this season omg. Like I get that they were chasing aberrations but Martin gave himself a daughter and there’s a statue of Mick in the capitol and they’re letting Amaya stay an aberration even though that’ll pretty much guaranteed erase her granddaughter from history???

Flash: I screwed up the timeline and now I’m doing my best to fix it

Legends: hold my beer

So Many (Years) I Was Afraid of Love (Love, Love) (Benlos)

one million years later but @undertalker33 here ya go bud this one’s for you

it’s kinda parallel to canon but i do my best

i put a keep reading cause it gets p long

title’s from “Love, Love, Love” by As Tall as Lions

“You mustn’t trust them,” the elderly lady pleaded search for sympathy as she turned into the arms of her granddaughter.

A look of sorrow and understanding flashed across Mal’s face. “I’m so so–” she began.

“No, you stay away,” Chad interrupted, stepping in front of the weeping woman.

“Don’t do this, Chad,” Ben muttered with a warning edge to his voice.

“What?” Chad questioned, with betrayal laced in his tone. “They were raised by their parents, Ben. What do you think villains teach their kids, kindness? Fair play? No way, okay?” He turned to Mal and pointed an accusatory finger. “You can barely go anywhere without your little spell book in tow.”

“Hey–” Ben began.

Chad cut him off with another point at Jay. “You enjoy hurting people.” Jay’s face contorted into one of anger and regret. Chad turned his gaze onto Evie last. “And you…you’re nothing but a liar…and a cheater.” He glanced back at his peers with an arrogant smirk, as if he was the victor.

“Hey,” Carlos glared. “Lay off them, Chad.”

“Oh, well, if you don’t like it, then why don’t you run back to your mama?” Chad mocked. “Back on the Isle, where you all should still be.” He glared back with a raised eyebrow and a derogatory smirk upon his face.

Jay bristled at that. He stepped forward, prepared to lay his fists into Chad’s face, but was stopped by leather-clad palm on his chest. “Why don’t I just run back to my ‘mama?’“ he repeated with a glare. “Because I don’t have a mother. My ‘mama’ was not the person I ran to. She was never there to listen to my emotional struggles. She was never there to listen to me at all. She only ever talked to me to tell me what to do next or what I was doing wrong. I was just another accessory to her, along with her furs.” Carlos huffed out a noise between a sob and a scoff. “No, actually, below her furs. I don’t have any fond memories left from her. Only scars. Mental…” He took off his left glove to reveal his battered, rough hands, covered bruises, scars, and cigarette burns. All those who saw it gasped at the sight. “…And physical. The only people who have spared me a second glance were Jay, Mal, and Evie. I grew up with them. They’re the closest thing to a family I have ever had. And if you want to take that away from me…” his lip quivered as tears formed in his eyes, making his eyebrows furrow even deeper, “…then you deserve to be on that Isle more than I ever have.” He threw the one of his discarded gloves on the ground, turned and took off running. Everyone was stunned into silence, rendered motionless. Except for one certain prince.

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Summary: Isaac is nervous about meeting his gf’s family


“Are you sure?” Isaac questioned for about the millionth time that week. Marlo groaned, rolling her brown eyes, sending her boyfriend a look that screamed ‘shut the hell up already.’ Isaac sighed, mumbling, “Sorry,” softly, situating himself in the passenger seat once more. “Honestly Isaac, why are you so nervous, it’s just a cook out,” Marlo huffed, taking the last turn towards her home. “Yeah with your whole family!” Isaac emphasized, his snarky attitude slipping into his words. Again Marlo rolled her eyes and shook her head, her short pixie cut hair waving softly as she did. “Seriously?” she questioned, glancing at Isaac from the corner of her eyes.

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His life is something of a routine, now.

He wakes up. He runs. He goes to work. He runs. He meets with Cisco and Jesse and, of course, he runs. He checks on Iris to make sure that she is okay and that the crushing loss hasn’t swallowed her yet, because if Barry comes back (when, he has to remind himself, when Barry comes back), he would never forgive Wally if something happened to Iris. Wally would never forgive himself if something happened to Iris. (She’s strong, though. She’s got more faith than anyone does that Barry will run back into their lives.)

His sister deserves better than a life half-lived, then the constant game of waiting and waiting for a flash of yellow lightning and the man who would come with it.

But he can’t give it to her. No matter how hard he tries (and he tries and he tries and he tries), he can’t figure out what happened to Barry Allen. How he disappeared into a blinding light or where he went or why he hasn’t come back. And he’s never been able to convince Iris that enough is enough; that waiting six months or one year or three is too long for her put her life on hold for him. Iris is practical in every aspect of her life except for this. She is a great reporter, and a wonderful sister, and a strong member of their team. She helps people in the community at all times and is dedicated to the life she leads outside of Team Flash. But she will never let go of the idea that Barry will come back to her, and soon.

“Hey, Kid.” Iris’ voice fills his ear, warm and calming. He can hear the hint of sadness, though, the little drop of melancholy. It’s always there, these days.

Wally turns a corner faster than someone can blink, and he shoots off down another road of Central City. “I thought we established that it’s just Flash, now. No Kid needed.”

He grimaces as soon as it’s out of his mouth–way to remind her that he’s gone, Wally thinks–but Iris laughs anyway. “You’ll always be a kid to me, even if you’re eighty. You hear me?”

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‘ABANDONED’ part one (Kylo Ren)

Today was the day, I thought, fiddling with the fabric of my robe. Today I  was meeting with the best pilot with the Resistance, even if he didn’t know it yet. I had awaited this day for quite some time. I had heard so many stories of Poe Dameron from my grandfather and he was actually meeting with him. Grandfather had told me about Luke Skywalker many, many times and for some reason he had the map that lead directly to him. He often showed it to me, to see if I could have any idea of what it could mean. I, of course, was clueless. Grandfather having the map confused me, but I made sure not to ask too many questions. I had been raised not to question, only to listen and answer when needed. I was raised poise and proper by my mother. She wanted me to grow into a strong and courteous woman so that one day I could marry, preferably into a wealthy family.

I wasn’t sure where my mother was or my father, for that matter. They had left years ago with no traces, only leaving me behind with my grandfather. I didn’t question where they went, even thought it kept me up very late at night. The last memory I had of them is when they sat me down for a discussion, perhaps five or six years ago when I was only a mere fourteen years old…

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KATH, I WANT CAPTAIN CROSSBOW with "You embarrassed me this evening." Please! :o) (And congratulations!!! Many happy returns!!!)

It is embarrassing how far down my inbox I had to go to find this ask - always-comment-on-the-mutton  I am sorry it has taken so long! (And I know there are still more of you waiting as well) I think it is only fitting that the little story I planned to write for you, my favourite hungry sheep, spiraled completely out of control and became an 1000 word + number. I took a tiny bit of poetic license and changed ‘this’ to ‘last’ because dusty, hungover Granny was a funnier prospect…

The morning after the night before

It was one of the more difficult mornings she could remember. As the shrill of her alarm pierced the early morning silence, her eyes rebelled against the idea of opening at all. She may have been a respectable business owner in this community for more years than she cared to recall, her diner open as reliably as clockwork, but today the temptation to turn over in her bed and sleep off the after effects of last night’s celebration was almost stronger.

That damned clock was lucky her crossbow wasn’t to hand.

Forcing her eyes open, she tried to remember the details of last night’s celebration. All the residents of Storybrooke had wanted to be there to welcome the Saviour home – the Dark One’s Curse thwarted and the darkness contained far away. The details were definitely hazy – the wide smile of the Captain, the echo of Leroy’s foghorn voice off the diner walls, young Henry by his mother’s side. And someone knocking.

She wished she didn’t remember the knocking. And it just wouldn’t stop…

She sat bolt upright as the figure burst into her room. That explained the knocking, she thought, as her granddaughter eyed her up and down. Ruby’s eyes flashed and a decided smirk played across her lips.

“Feeling well this morning, are we?”

She barely recognised the sound that came out of her own mouth in response.

Ruby snorted. “That good? Excellent. Remember all the details? Because quite frankly, you embarrassed me last evening.” The pause was definitely for effect – just to let the enormity of that statement sink in.

“Yep – it was that good. While you get dressed and ready to help me sort out the disaster downstairs you think about it.” Ruby flounced out of the room, all legs and attitude, as ever.

What on earth had she done?


The first flash of memory came as she walked gingerly down the stairs to the diner.

“Captain!” she had called out. “Come have a drink with me!” Firmly ensconced with his now confirmed True Love, the pirate had smiled indulgently and planted a kiss on Emma’s cheek before joining her at the bar.

“Only the best for the hero of the hour,” she had announced, pouring generous tumblers of her best rum.  

“Hardly, milady,” he had replied. “It was, without doubt, a team effort.” She passed him a glass and held hers out, waiting for the clink. He obliged quickly and took an appreciative sip.

She threw back the glass, draining every drop in one long swallow.

She had a very clear memory of a highly arched eyebrow.

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“I always say to people, ‘Believe in higher power.’ I use those words because not everyone has the same religion or beliefs; this way you won’t offend anybody. And I know there is a higher power because my life has been saved three or four times.
One time, I was in a car accident. My friend had just bought a new van, but it didn’t have a sliding window to talk to the people in the back. My nephews and nieces were there. And I was telling him, ‘You better put a sliding window in there because one day we’re going to have an accident. And I’m going to have a heart attack because I’m not going to be able to talk to the children in the back.’ So we are driving, and I was wide-awake. All of a sudden these little white stars came down on my side of the windshield, and I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, a policeman was shaking me saying, ‘Ma’am, you have to wake up. The van turned over and you are underneath.’ But the amazing thing was that I always had this fear that something will happen, and I won’t be able to talk to the children. That’s why I was wide-awake the whole time; I was afraid to go to sleep. But just before the accident, these little white stars came down. That was the higher power putting me to sleep to save me from having a heart attack.That was one incident. Another time, I was in a coma. I was in the hospital, and they put me in the operating room. The doctors had shaved my head, and they took a scalpel and were getting ready to cut my head open, OK? Without my permission, without my daughter’s permission. They were just going to experiment and then tell my daughter I died in the coma. So I was out all the time, still in the coma. All of a sudden, a picture of my daughter and my granddaughter flashed in front of me, and I woke up—just as they were about to cut my head open. And my daughter walked in at the same time.”
“Are people skeptical when you tell them this?”
“Some people are skeptical. And I know it’s hard to believe. But I had that part of my head shaved for a long time, and I would tell them, ‘You think I’m telling you a story? Look at my head.’
So that’s the second time. And I was paralyzed from the waist down, too. I couldn’t walk for four years. Now I can walk. That’s also from praying to the higher power. I’ve had some other miracle things happen, but I know you’re pressed for time, and so am I. Now you go and tell people what I told you, and see if they believe you. But that is the truth.”