granddad's clothes

Simon and Kieren meet for the first time, basically like this....
  • Kieren: Hey! That's my grave!
  • Simon: *psshh yeah whatever... I do what--* *turns*
  • Simon:
  • Simon:
  • Simon: .... *I want*
  • Simon: *quick Monroe, think of something! Find common interests! Like... ULA? Messiahs? Jumpers??*
  • Kieren: Well maybe--
  • Simon: *vomits poetry*
  • Kieren: ..................
  • Simon:
  • Simon: *nailed it*
les amis + random places:
  • enjolras: whole foods parking lot
  • combeferre: the thrift shop down the road that only sells clothes your granddad would wear
  • courfeyrac: a freshly made bed with clean sheets and a comfy duvet
  • bahorel: the bar your best friend got banned from 
  • feuilly: the campus library at 2 am
  • jehan: the gothic/witchy shop with a back room that reads ‘DO NOT ENTER: DANGEROUS’ (he enters, obviously)
  • grantaire: the bench in the park under that one lampshade that is never as bright as the others
  • joly: the animal shelter down the road that lets you walk their dogs while you play pokemon go
  • bossuet: the mattress store
  • marius: the street vendor that always gives you an extra scoop of ice cream