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After watching Scaris: City of Frights I became certain that Cleo and Deuce would be the couple to last. Draculaura is immortal so she and Clawd won’t last…especially since I consider Clawd to be the beard of Clawdeen& Draculaura. Gil is not good enough for Lagoona. Heath and Abbey? I do not know, great comedy duo but not very romantical.

What I really want to write about is when Cleo& Deuce stay together past high school.

Because The De Nile family + Medusa& her sisters= Fun at holidays. I can’t imagine both families wanting to be around one another- and I think they’d make that clear to their children.

What could force them all to be together?

A shared grandkid.


It was late at night; Deuce was just getting home from a dinner out with his wife.

“The expansion on my office is coming along adequately enough.” Cleo De Nile complained- she kept her family name.

She was proud of her husband but Mrs. Gorgon didn’t roll off her royal tongue.

Deuce could’ve made a joke about her enormous expansion but he kept quiet. Eight and half months pregnant Cleo wasn’t as fast on her feet but she was still loud and extra sensitive.

“Hold on, babe, I’m putting this away.” He was talking about the leftovers in the tin-foil dragon.

Cleo was looking in her living room mirror as Deuce walked into the kitchen. The gorgon was moving things around in the fridge when he heard a thump and a panicked yelp.

“Cleo?!” Deuce ran in expecting the worst, his snakes standing straight on his head.

Sitting on the ground, Cleo bent over her round torso with a hand reaching for her foot. “I twisted my ankle.”

The snakes calmed down and Deuce put a hand to his forehead. “Oh thank Zeus, I thought it was broken-water serious.”

“It still hurts!” She was annoyed he didn’t take her injury more seriously. Cleo pouted, waiting for her hubby to help her up.

He was clearly hesitant but Deuce knew she couldn’t help herself up. Two arms around her increased bust, Cleo held onto them as she tried to put her good foot under her large mistake.

“Dear Ra, I’m a ready contestant for a county fair. Of course I’ll win, but this is the sand pits.” The true joy in Cleo’s life was shoes and she hadn’t seen them on her feet in months.

“Come on, you’re still my hot wife and envy of all my dude-friends. And I love your beautiful, crazy big brain and heart.”

It wasn’t hard for Deuce to be supportive. It was hard to support the extra thirty pounds the mummy had gained.

“That is exactly what I tell my less attractive friends.” Cleo considered their bad belt decisions, horrible skills in the game Gargoyles to Gargoyles and unfortunate luck in mensters.

With the grace of the gods, Deuce got her off the floor and onto the couch. Cleo wasn’t facing him, so she didn’t see him breathing and wiping sweat off his face.

“You know, along with being the most gorgeous, stylish, career successful and sophisticated,” Cleo turned to see his smiling face. “I’ve always had the most wonderful boyfriend.”

Reaching over the bloated incubator that was Cleo’s stomach, Deuce kissed his wife. He took his hand off her cheek and put it on the top of the circular blob.

Two months later, the dynastic diva gets her figure back. In the hospital Deuce brought hot pink and teal baby sized sunglasses. When the gargoyle nurse said it was a ghoul, she got the hot pink sunglasses. Their daughter was a tan shade only slightly lighter than Cleo. She only had three small black snakes on her head.

“Oh she is drop dead gorgeous!” Maddy Gorgon said as she held her grandchild for the first time, her snakes stretched to reach the baby’s head to plant little kisses. “Oh my Gods she’s precious! And thank the gods she took after the good side of the family!”

Still resting in bed, Cleo went ‘Uck!’ and tried to reach up to grab her baby back. Deuce put his hands on her shoulders. “I promise she’ll outgrow of that.”

A few weeks later the new ghoul visited her grandfather’s lavished home.

Lying awake in a crib, in a dimly lit room, Calliope Gorgon was being examined by Ramses De Nile.

The old mummy had been doing this for thirty minutes in total silence.

The small child’s parents were standing and waiting behind him.

Eventually Ramses raised his head from the crib and stared at adult daughter.

“You’ve created a beautiful child, Cleo.” The old monster said in a very professional-like tone.

Cleo smiled, she’d been waiting for that. Deuce had his arms crossed and murmured, “I helped a bit”. A nudge from Cleo’s elbow told him this was 'grandpa bonding’ time.

Ramses turned away from the couple and asked in the dreariest voice, “I request a moment alone with the infant.”

“Will she still have all her organs when we get back?” Deuce asked his creepy, judgmental father-in-law.

Using all of her regained strength, Cleo pulled her husband towards the door. “Take all the time you need, Daddy.”

Ramses waited until he heard the door slide down and sealed. He had one hand on a cane and the other in his pocket.

From out of his pocket came a golden rattle with the eye of Horus carved in the ball filled with shaking rubies and emeralds. It was pure gold but the outside was covered with mutant-sheep skin- the softest in the world.

The deep, threatening voice went high in pitch when Ramses leaned over Calliope again.

“Hello my little princess. You are my first grandchild and new heir to everything you see around you.” He shook the rattle close to her chubby hand.

It melted his six thousand year old heart to feel her grab onto his bony, wrapped fingers. “Absolutely no one on earth will surpass you, my darling. Because there is nothing on earth, buried or otherwise, that I cherish more than you.”

The ancient one had no idea his elder daughter Nefera was watching his horrific scene. What was worst than being replaced was the terror Nefera felt when she heard her father going soft. It was like hearing a lion go 'ribbit.’

Author’s note: This does not follow the story line of my Cali Gorgon chapters, that’s more dramatic and less sweet. This is for poking at my 'dysfunctional families are hilarious’ button.

Examples: Little Miss Sunshine, Eulogy, Gilmore Girls, Grounded for Life, United States of Tara, The Royal Tennanbums, The Simpsons and so on.

Dad, your brother is dramatic af

Aric did a bad thing, a stupid thing; it was more stupid than bad, but from the way his older brother spins the yarn, one would think Aric had loudly proclaimed himself to be a heretic before all of Arkadia. He had a life, he was going to make something of himself, and yet,

He followed his heart and he married for love; he found himself some woman with no pedigree and absconded off to heavens knows where to do heavens knows what with some undesirable woman who commuted to Arkadia and back. Can you imagine?  The vulgarity of it all.

Headcannoning now that Vivi’s Gramma was a Shinto priestess who fell in love with a Buddhist monk.  They initially kept trying to show the other up and ended up falling head over heals in love despite their differing beliefs. The two traveled all over Japan facing down monsters and pacifying spirits until the birth of Vivi’s Dad caused them to settle down. Vivi was raised one stories of their travels and it’s where her love of adventure and the supernatural comes from (Dad was raised on them too, but doesn’t really believe them) 

Sadly a few years ago Grampa passed and Gramma has been keeping his shakujō with her to keep him close.

Also editing an old headcannon about Mystery being a traveling companion of Vivi’s Grampa. The couple knew an inari kitsune back in their adventuring days that would follow them around and prank them. Grampa found this hilarious, Gramma not so much. And she noticed her Grandaughters ‘pet’ seems awfully familiar

Looking at the spirits of warriors past on Samurai Jack and all I can think of is the spirits from Mulan.


“He gets it from YOUR side of the family!”

“He’s just trying to save people!”

“But he has failed!  Dishonor has befallen his family!  Warriors past have been forever shamed!”

“My descendants never had this problem, they all became actupuncturists!”

“Well, we can’t ALL be actupuncturists!”

“No, you’re great-grandaughter had to be a cross dresser!”



Mushu: …um…guys, I think you’re in the wrong show…Oo…


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(PJO AU) Persia(Leo): Oh stop flattering yourself, grandma! Gaea: What?! Persia: Oh, when I beat you I'm gonna marry your grandaughter(Anatolia), making you my grandma! Anatolia(Calypso): Oh my Gods babe stop you're gonna get yourself killed Byz(Nico): Shhh let this play out

Imagine that a long time ago, Loki had once visited Midgard with some scholars who were interested in understanding Midgardian science. He shared a brief relationship with a lady but had to leave abruptly when the mission was recalled. He leaves her abruptly and without notice. 75 years on, Loki returns to Midgard and once again recalls the young lady. He is surprised to run into you, who is an exact replica of her - and coincidentally her grandaughter. Loki decides this time he will see this relationship through.


Hepburn’s granddaughter, Emma Ferrer, steps into the spotlight and opens up to BAZAAR. Plus, see her fashion shoot shot by Richard Avedon’s grandson, Michael Avedon, here.

The first images I have of her are, interestingly enough, when she was quite young,“ Emma Ferrer says of her paternal grandmother, Audrey Hepburn. "I remember seeing a photo of her jumping on a trampoline—I believe this was before I understood that she was famous. But I remember thinking that she looked like a friend I wish I could have had.”

Of course, Audrey Hepburn—or simply Audrey, as she will forever be known—has always been a luminous presence: She was a brilliant actress, a timeless style icon, and a tireless crusader for the world’s underprivileged children as an International Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. She was also a devoted mother who put aside her career at its peak to raise her two sons, Sean Ferrer, whose father was Audrey’s first husband, the actor Mel Ferrer, and Luca Dotti, from her second marriage (to the Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti).

One thing that Audrey never had the chance to do, though, was enjoy the experience of being a grandmother. In late 1992, she fell ill during a UNICEF trip to Somalia and died a few months later, in January 1993, of a rare form of abdominal cancer.

Emma Kathleen Hepburn Ferrer, Audrey’s first grandchild, was born in Switzerland in May of the following year to Sean and his then wife, Leila. Now 20, Emma is the eldest of Sean’s three children and spent most of her adolescence in and around Florence, Italy, where Sean, who runs an agency that deals with intellectual property and is also a filmmaker and keeper of the Audrey flame, lives outside the city. (Luca, his wife, and their daughters occupy his mother’s former apartment in Rome.)

“Muse” is an overused word these days, but that’s exactly what Audrey was for the legendary photographer Richard Avedon. She was, in a word, his inspiration, and their interaction played out over a number of years in the 1950s in the pages of Harper’s Bazaar. Avedon photographed Audrey on the streets of Paris, in fashion stories, and several times as a cover subject for the magazine. Even though he worked with some of the biggest models of all time—Suzy Parker, Dorian Leigh, Carmen Dell'Orefice—he was completely enamored with Audrey as a subject, and she loved sitting for him. (FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW - CONTINUE READING AT HARPER’S BAZAAR)