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hakkei  asked:

tell us about jihoonie 😭 how was him at kcon?

Ah my gosh, he’s such a sweetheart! When they all came out onto the stage for the fan engagement, he looked like he was really happy to see so many fans there for them so he was smiling a ton ~ 

Of course he had that grandad fashion on point, but his hair was in that same pompadour-ish style from Very Good so I was just a mess of feelings because I’m already so in love with the blond color ;A;

When I got to him at the hi touch portion of the fan engagement, I whispered really quickly to him that I liked his hair a lot and omfg he turned a little pink and smiled and told me “Thanks” in English 

It really is true that he gets sorta shy around girls and that made me fall even harder for him..

Idk man, something about him speaking in English is so cute to me, like when he said “Hi, I’m P.O” during introductions at the concert later that day, I was fangirling so hard on the inside OTL 

He came over to my section by the stage a few times and nearly killed me every time he smiled at me, I still don’t know how I survived. 

I wish I could do it all over again, I miss him already ;n;