About Vince Ventura

Name: Vince Mira Ventura (Rule 63: Vivian Mira Ventura)

Age: 15

Sexuality: Straight (Rule 63: Gay)

Nationality: American / Spanish / Italian

Languages: English, A tiny bit of Spanish and French.

Hometown: Paradise Valley, Arizona

Current Residence: Royal Woods, Michigan

Friends: Luna Loud, Dima Mirnoff, Steve Frobesbi (The band members) Luan Loud, Leni Loud, Stella Narvaez by @Laugh-Out-Loud-House, Nate Alexander by @Dokkenix.

Talents/Skills: Singing, Writing, a little bit of Graphic Design, and some basic survival skills.

Siblings: Vick Ventura (17), Jared Jistol-Ventura (13), and Julia Ventura (9)

Significant Others: Luna Loud (Dating)

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Skin color: White

Distinguishing features: Three chin hairs and kinda thick eyebrows

Dress: Denim Vest with two pins and a cross, jeans, black T-shirt with triangles on it, pink shoes.

Habits: Singing instead of talking, if what he’s saying lines up with Lyrics.

Hobbies: Singing in his band, playing guitar horribly, Going on collect-athons in any game.

Interests: trying to figure out how to play guitar. Working at his job.

Strengths: Friendly to people he likes, can take a joke, always trying to entertain people.

Weaknesses: Overly Edgy, Always out to offend the people he hates. Not the most liked.

Family life - Father: Vincent Sr. and Vince are really close, his father works at an IT company, and therefore is always busy with work.

Family life - Mother: Jill, Vince’s stepmother, is a university professor. She and Vince are friends at best, mortal enemies at worst. Her advocacy of Social Justice angers Vince to no end.

Family life- Siblings: He and Vick, blood brother, are very close, but Vick is annoyed easily, so they don’t converse very often. He and Jared, step-brother, have a lot in common. The two founded a band, and are always getting into trouble together. He and Julia, His half-Sister, don’t hang out a ton, due to the age gap. But when they do it’s very….interesting.

Vince’s Favorites!!

Favorite movies: Pulp Fiction, Reservoir dogs, Every Star Wars movie, Terminator 1 & 2, Alien & Aliens, The breakfast Club.

Favorite TV shows: The news.

Favorite bands / musical artists: Pantera, Hellyeah, Metallica, Down, Noize Complaint, Rage against the machine, AC/DC, Pink Floyd

Favorite book: Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy

Favorite games: the grand theft auto series (even 1 & 2), Counter-Strike (1.6 and Source), Battlefield.

Personal Quote: “They said it could not be done, they were wrong.”


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It seems that many have chosen to forget that women (of color!) were playable protagonists in the beginnings of the GTA series.
I present to you - Divine, Katie, Ulrika, Mikki, Candy & Gretchen!