Honest Wage by Penny and Sparrow

Next thing I know, I’m exploding and everything feels awful and wrong. And he’s there, right beside you, but the music inside is our song. I wish it was easier to kiss you on the mouth, like it is to work hard and earn an honest wage. But you’re not always fair to me like I wish you would be. He’s the one who left home, I’m the one who stayed.

-Penny and Sparrow

Throughout this whole month I have been trying to understand this song, it is just so perfectly worded. I know it has meaning, but what is it? You know it is music, when it leaves you thinking. Give them a shot my friends, give me your opinion on their music. Last October I had the opportunity to go see them and actually get a picture with them. They’re both so chill and cool guys, the best people do come from Texas. ;) If you think that they sound awesome on audio, then i can’t even begin to express to ya’ll how incredible they sound when you are standing inside the same room as them. 

Cheers, my friends.