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My home town lights up the Grand River Mill every year for Christmas.
I’m posting this cause everyone should see it, and Martin will appreciate it cause he won’t have the chance to see them this year.

This Weekend

I can’t even explain how much I needed this weekend. If you want to be exact, then probably how much I needed a whole Saturday just kicking it with friends. It was incredible. I picked up two of my friends from high school and went to the State game. We shopped a little bit on Grand River and grabbed something to eat. Then I went and kicked with some other friends who I haven’t seen probably since summer.   All in all it was just amazing. And now I’m ready to go back to school and finish the semester strong without any boy problems interrupting my studies. :)

A Movember hipster well before his time!

Studio portrait of unidentified man with beard and mustache, wearing dark suit, white collar underneath. Printed on front: “Earle, cor. Rowland & Grand River Ave., Detroit." 

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library