new dan and phil sims viddy! we transform the howlter house into a family fantasy dream home - DIL’S GRAND DESIGN 🏡✨

Grand King Oikawa design. I had to get away into a fantasy AU after that mess of an election. Anyways, originally was looking at medieval designs but I got carried away and somehow ended up turning him into a final fantasy looking character with asian influences. I think I just wanted to draw him as a dragon lord. Or something. Forgive me >_> hahah

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Someone raised the challenge to take the idea of the cult ending that was assembled from non-canon datamined content but figure out a way to reassemble it into something that’s both tonally in-line with the rest of the game and a satisfying cap to the story so I rose to the challenge because bouncing from springboards like this and connecting plot points is basically what I do for a living.

Also tried to find a way to include all the dads because these “bigger picture” stories are more fun like that.

Putting it under a cut for length and hella spoilers, but here’s my response to the question of “well how would YOU handle the cult end”

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The M81 Galaxy Group through the Integrated Flux Nebula : Distant galaxies and nearby nebulas highlight this deep image of the M81 Group of galaxies. First and foremost in this 80-exposure mosaic is the grand design spiral galaxy M81, the largest galaxy in the image, visible on the lower right. M81 is gravitationally interacting with M82 just above it, a large galaxy with an unusual halo of filamentary red-glowing gas. Around the image many other galaxies from the M81 Group of galaxies can be seen, as well as many foreground Milky Way stars. This whole galaxy menagerie is seen through the glow of an Integrated Flux Nebula , a vast and complex screen of diffuse gas and dust also in our Milky Way Galaxy. Details of the red and yellow IFN, digitally enhanced, were imaged by a new wide-field camera recently installed at the Teide Observatory in the Canary Islands of Spain. via NASA

  • Mr. House: I have spent hundreds of years and thousands of caps to get that package delivered to me. I foresaw the end of the world and redesigned the Lucky 38 to save Las Vegas. With the Platinum Chip, my grand design to preserve humankind will be complete. Humanity will be saved from extinction. Now, hand it over.
  • The Courier: ✓ Seen 7:26pm
A Simple Solution

A simple solution to life’s travails
from the creator of grand designs
embrace the wetness when it rains
savor the sunlight when it shines

Breathe, smile, you have arrived 
give more to others than you take
listen intently to whispers of love
heal more hearts than you break

Compose a song uniquely yours 
for we each have a need to sing
and that is all my friend, you win
life is but a balance kind of thing


          A Touch Of Grandiosity (Grand Church of the Winter Palace)

“The Grand Church of the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg, sometimes referred to as the Winter Palace’s cathedral, was consecrated in 1763. It is located on the piano nobile in the eastern wing of the Winter Palace, and is the larger, and principal, of two churches within the Palace. A smaller, more private church was constructed in 1768, near the private apartment in the northwest part of the wing. The Grand Church was designed by Francesco Rastrelli, and has been described as “one of the most splendid rooms” in the Palace. Today, the church is an unconsecrated exhibition hall of the State Hermitage Museum”

The signs as tenebrous celestial abominations

Aries: That which has a million horns, inside which are trapped the eternally screeching fires of its victims ambitions, easily angered. Run. Don’t you dare stop running.

Taurus: The immovable oddity. Unyielding in the face of all reality, from which spawns hordes of insidious brood. Gaze upon it and know your insignificance

Gemini: That thing which is always there, under your bed, in the dark places, where you dare not gaze, should not gaze. Do not gaze. You are never alone.

Cancer: Machinations of unknowable and quantifiable complexity. None can comprehend the grand design, none should try. Minds are putty to be molded into soldiers.

Leo: Know It and know a new purpose, servitude and worship. Adorned in the attention of its legions, nothing matters bar It. It’s visage takes root in any medium, a stygian plague upon reality.

Virgo: The devil in every detail, in every flaw, all of them. Dare not know this evil for its gaze atrophies even the grandest achievement, dissolves the grandest monuments.

Libra: Found in the darkest holds beyond the stars this thing gazes into all interaction and bares grudges for all of it, it sees you. Dare not return it’s gaze lest the weight of the stars bear upon you.

Scorpio: Prone to violent altercations with the fundamental laws of reality. Hopefully you’re not nearby, Pray you aren’t. Suffering takes upon new meaning in the absence of linear time.

Sagittarius: The Truth all are hiding from, it knows. It screeches every grave-destined secret as a cacophonous wail against the pristine sanctity of our ignorance. Do not hear it.

Capricorn: Made of eyes, everywhere, always, gazing. Watching. Glaring. Hating. It sees all that should never be. It guides all that should never be. It will be.

Aquarius: The storm in which every horror hides and peers. You cannot weather it, nothing care, it is the inevitability of the end. Many presume to know it, they do not.

Pisces: The Other Place. The nothingness in which resides the virulent pox of everything else. All that shouldn’t be and isn’t. Do not open the Door. Pray it is not broken.