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I hate it when people ask me to describe what the book I’m reading is about because I know you mean you want me to give you a short, basic description but I can’t do that, no, either you get the whole life story of the book or you read the goddamn back

'Big Brother' and 'Survivor' Fan-Favorites to Compete on 'Candy Crush' (Exclusive)

The new CBS game show hosted by Mario Lopez will feature Da'Vonne Rogers, Paul Abrahamian, Frankie Grande and more familiar faces.

Several fan-favorite contestants from Big Brother and Survivor are returning to CBS this summer.

The network is set to kick off its new live-action game show Candy Crush with a reality TV competition crossover featuring several alums from the two popular unscripted entries.

Big Brother houseguests Da'Vonne Rogers, Paul Abrahamian, Frankie Grande and Caleb Reynolds, who also competed twice on Survivor, are among those set to appear on the July 9 series premiere. Fellow Survivor alums Kelley Wentworth Joe Anglim, Woo Hwang and Jeremy Collins are also on the lineup.

Based on the mobile game of the same name, the Candy Crush game show makes teams of two use their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous interactive game boards. The winning pair will walk away with a $100,000 prize.

The reality veterans will be split into the following pairs: Rogers and Abrahamian, Grande and Reynolds, Wentworth and Anglim, and Hwang and Collins. 

This isn’t the first time CBS has orchestrated crossovers amongst its reality competition hits like Big Brother, Survivor and The Amazing Race. In 2016, the long-running Price is Right produced three special episodes featuring series alums, one for each of the three series. Each episode was hosted by the respective show host, Julie Chen, Jeff Probst and Phil Keoghan. 

Mario Lopez will host the series, which is produced by Pulse Creative, Lionsgate Television, Candy Crush creator King and CBS Television Studios. Candy Crush premieres July 9 on CBS. 

It been one year since I first got it, and it’s still as awesome as the day I got it.

The biggest improvement I have made with it, is me.

Getting fitter, stretching more,  stredding the useless fat off the body, wearing better fitting bib short and jersey, etc. make a much bigger difference than changing a seatpost to one thats only 20g lighter (ironically enough I cut half of the seatpost on that bike shredding a massive 70g).

Yes Jokers a gay white man is "dangerous" to a cop and cow boy and a muscular model.

I mean he could rape them and take so much advantage of them and they could/would not be able to do anything. I worry for these guys while Frankie is around. 

Exhibit A: You can clearly see Frankie using some kinda Gay voodoo to lure Cody into slapping his ass. So “dangerous”

Exhibit B: Look at how “dangerous” he is. It’s disgusting the way he gets Caleb to rub his dick on his ass like that. 

I’m honestly so annoyed by his power of deception, the way he is so forthcoming with his sexuality that these straight men enticed by his Gay wizardry. 

It’s “dangerous” and I’m glad they no longer have to subject themselves to the sexual harassment brought forth by this man. 

Here Cody is 

Clearly uncomfortable and scared of what this dangerous homosexual might do to him. 

-Sarah Palin


Shawn Mendes - Never Be Alone