2. Kimi most definitely deserved to win that race.
  3. Maximum does NOT deserve unnecessary criticism because he’s not here to hand out points to other drivers. Of course I’m gutted that Lew didn’t win yesterday but I am so proud of Max for not giving up his position. Y'all need to remember that Max is racing for himself and his team, he’s not here to hand Lew the championship.
  4. Christian Horner is one hell of an arsehole and he can literally fall off a cliff for all I care.

I just realised that every time Yuri performs his Eros during the Grand Prix, and he wears his fully black outfit,

Viktor is wearing a black suit with a black tie.

But when Yuri does his Yuri on Ice performance, wearing that blue costume,

Viktor wears a blue-ish suit with a blue tie. What I’m implying is that Viktor totally wants to match with his boyfriend and I find that adorable and hilarious.