grand theft auto the lost and damned



↳ Drug Dealer

↳ Appearances: Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned 

You don’t think I could survive out here if I wasn’t dropping some people? I’m the big boss. People gonna love you but they gonna hate you even more. Right? They gonna hate you because you a woman, in this macho fuckin’ world. They gonna hate you ‘cause you from the Island. Stupid people think Latinas ain’t worth shit in this town. When you the big boss, and you me, these bodies got to come with it.

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15. “That was a perfect example of how not to do things.” Batarou please!

Cop AU! For fun!

When Badd walked into the police station’s interrogation room, the white-haired lunatic cuffed to the table gave him a little wink. “Heya, sweetcheeks.”

“Back again, huh?” Badd sat down across from him, shaking his head. “What’s the deal this time? Assault? Larceny? Going for arson this time?”

“Do I look that bored to you?”

Badd let the file fall to the table with a loud slap. “Is that a rhetorical question, big guy? Because you always look like you’re bored to me. Ya get in here, and somehow, every time, you get out, so how about you tell me why I shouldn’t make it so you can’t walk out of here?” He levelled his eyes across the table, mouth pressed into a stern line.

“How about ‘cause you like my face?”

“If by that you mean I’d like to smash your face into this table, then yeah, valid point.”

“Come on. It’s just a little grand theft auto. Not worth getting all crazy about.”

Badd’s glare lost none of its heat. “In and of itself? Sure. But how ‘bout that chase you led those other four police cars on? Into oncoming traffic?”

“Nobody got hurt.”

“They damn well could’ve been, so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m not countin’ silver linings here.” He flipped the file open and finally snarled, “Just so you could pull up and stop in front of the precinct?! Were you even trying to get away?”

“Of course not.” Garou - the Human Monster, a moniker he had gotten on the streets - dropped his voice to a whisper. “I was just trying to get your attention.”

“Yeah? That was a perfect example of how not to do things. For the record.”

Garou barely deflated at that, and he glanced up when another officer knocked on the door, gesturing for Badd to come out. “They probably found my surprise for you,” he said, practically grinning from ear to ear.

When Badd came back into the room, he still wasn’t smiling, but Garou knew him well enough that he could see that the solid heft of his shoulders had relaxed. “You don’t honestly expect me to believe that you knew who that car belonged to and the huge quantity of drugs in the trunk, did you? Or that you just decided to hand that over to the authorities?”

“Would I do such a thing?” He shrugged, like he would have lifted his hands in an exaggerated gesture if not for the cuffs on him.

“Nah, probably not.” Badd made a few notes in the file and then got back up, heading out so Garou could be processed.

Badd wasn’t surprised when he got a text saying that Garou had gotten out again (he always did).

He also wasn’t surprised when they followed up saying that there was no evidence as to how he got out of the cell (there never was).

And he absolutely wasn’t surprised when the window leading out to his fire escape opened, and a lithe figure slipped into his dark apartment (like clockwork).

When Garou slipped into bed, his skin was chilled from the night air. There was a lot of it, too, because he had already slipped out of his clothes. He knew that Badd wore only boxers to bed, and he took the opportunity to press his long, muscular limbs against his. “Ugh, you’re fuckin’ cold,” Badd complained.

“Warm me up then.” Icy fingers pressed around Badd’s stomach like it was a warm fire, and he recoiled for a moment until they both became accustomed.

“You can’t keep doing this shit,” Badd said as he held Garou’s face in the dark. Even in the shadows, he could see the shining gold of his eyes, like honey.

“I can’t control the weather,” Garou replied, quickly and softly brushing his lips with his own. Those were warm. And soft. And they never failed to make Badd feel like he was floating.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yeah, I do.” Garou’s voice was quiet for a moment, and Badd’s thumb swiped at his mouth, trying to feel his expression. All he got was a little lick for his trouble. “Things got out of hand. Your boys weren’t the first ones chasing me.”

“You could have just called.” Badd pulled him closer, until their chests were pressed together. One of his hands went down to cup his hip. “It ain’t like that’s any better, just so we’re clear. That just makes me pissed and worried about ya.”

“You’re so sweet.” Garou made a move to push his pants down, but Badd grabbed his wrist.

“I’m fuckin’ serious, Garou,” he said, lifting the hand to his mouth. He kissed his fingers, breathing in the dirty iron scent of them, trying not to think about where they had been, what they had done. “I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to ya.”

Garou was quiet until he pushed Badd to his back. This kiss was the closest to an apology Badd was going to get, so he made sure that his hands and his tongue convey his forgiveness. But before he pulled away, Badd bit his jaw. Hard. Don’t do it again, that small gesture said.

But then Garou moved in an insistent, punishing, spine-tingling way, and Badd groaned. No promises, the Human Monster’s body replied.

He just had to accept it.