grand theft auto characters


When Friends Make You Exercise

[Person 1: You ready?
Thomas: Let’s do it!
*Grand Theft Auto “wasted” sound effect that occurs when your character dies*
Person 1: Come on, get up.
Thomas: Can’t, I’m dead.
Person 1 (offscreen): Mm, no you’re not.]

my sister just came storming into the room and was like “i want to cry i hate men so much” and i was like oh my GOD michelle what happened and her voice was literally shaking when she explained that in grand theft auto a man shot her character and she lost 5 million dollars

GTA V Characters as dogs

Franklin as a Rottweiler

Michael as a Siberian Husky

Trevor as a Wolf/Dog hybrid

Amanda as a Golden Retriever

Tracey as a Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever hybrid

Jimmy as a Siberian Husky

Brad as a Labrador Retriever

Wade as a Border Collie

Floyd as a Border Collie too

Ron as a Grey Wolf

Chef as an American Akita Inu

Lamar as a Doberman

Next characters coming soon 

PS :

I don’t have any idea for Lester, can you give me one? 

The only things that matter

Park Bom showing up at the biggest stage.

2NE1 just popping out of nowhere and I caught on fire.

Zion.T actually saved my life.

SHINee saved kpop.

Taemin slipped into oblivion and is the best joke of 2k15.

Jimin and Suga where tall for once.

Jyp is old cheese.

Suho. His hair. Lightsaber.

I sold my soul to Onew.

GD looked like the character to Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Daesung Hair.

Big Bang is still the best pls stop being bitter.

SHINee STILL saved kpop