grand teton in a cloud

Morning greets Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with curling clouds and snow-dusted peaks. When photographer Eric Adams noticed the weather clearing through airport windows, he rebooked his flight, rented a car and drove along the park’s Jenny Lake Road to capture this stunning scene. Photo courtesy of Eric Adams.


Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America: Wyoming

Snowy Spring Day, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Photo Credit: (Geographilic)
Le Grand Bleu
Photo Credit: (Helene Boisserand)
Wyoming Road Trip November - 2013
Photo Credit: (Rikk Flohr)

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Happy First Day of Winter! Snowy mountains are gorgeous, but can be challenging models. Casey Withers was recently at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming trying to capture the sunrise. It was a cold morning and clouds were moving in. “This shot was set up originally as a test shot as we waited for sunrise, but three minutes later the mountains were covered. Glad I was prepared.” Photo courtesy of Casey Withers


My name is Amon Barker and I’m the director of the short film Human Nature. Growing up I spent a lot of my time outdoors exploring the mountains, valleys, and desserts of New Mexico. I’ve always felt very at ease in nature. Part of what first brought me to photography was being able to share my experiences with the landscape. I think a lot of us have a similar connection to the environment even when living very different lives. When I came up with the concept for the Human Nature short it was very simple. I wanted to create powerful images of the natural world that would remind someone of their connection to the land and what it means to them. I brought this idea to some of my talented friends and colleagues and we decided to hit the road on a series of production road trips. The story of the edit was unfolded through our journey and non of us will forgot the moments along the way.


“Awakening,” is my first major film that I’ve worked on and is very special to me. I was first introduced to photography when I was 14, during a two week backpacking trip in Colorado. I picked up timelapse shortly after, and have spent the last two summers timelapsing from the high peaks of the Colorado Rockies to the steamy geysers in Yellowstone National Park. It was in these places where my passion for photography and timelapse was ‘awakened.’ My discovery of photography has changed my view on the world around me and has allowed me to see and do many incredible things. Roughly 20,000 photos have gone into this film, and after months of filming, traveling, and editing, I am happy to be able to share my project with you.
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