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Hello to our 24 followers!

Just a brief update…

We’re deep into recording our EP right now. As we’ve decided to utilize Jared’s schooling and have him record us in our very own practice spot, it’s definitely become quite the project. Since we practice in a basement, you can imagine that we’ve had to really tap into our right brains and transform the area into a home studio…which ended up looking more like those blanket forts that we made in our parent’s livingroom as children. But as it turns out, those fort building skills really turned out to be handy as it seems that so far, everything is sounding pretty decent considering our circumstance. Thanks Mom and Dad!

As we’re in the midst of this, we’re still trying to book shows. We’re finding that Michigan’s local music scene doesn’t cater very well to our genre of music (whatever that is) or that people don’t really care for/don’t get what we do. That’s fine, we’re going to keep doing what we love doing, but somehow we’ve got to overcome this.  We feel that we’ve really grown since our demo and that it no longer accurately represents our sound, so we don’t want to push that any harder, but you better believe that as soon as we release this EP, we wont stop until everyone in Michigan is tired of hearing our name. 

I would say that we’ll update you when the time comes to release, but we’ll make sure that we shout it from the interweb’s roof top. In the mean time, check out our show at Mulligan’s with Protected Left and Terror! Terror!…Oh My! on 4/13!

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