grand punk railroad


Please send this game to America and translate it into English so I can buy it and give your company my money!…  and also my love.

Just look at that lovely split screen.

I love me a good split screen.
1931 - The Grand Punk Railroad: Express
23 Audiobook Chapters

The third Baccano! audiobook is ready to go! Procedure works just like the previous two. The link leads to the Google Drive folder, where the individual MP3 files for each chapter are available for download.

With this book finished, I’ve finally started to get the hang of recording and editing in a consistent manner. Keep an eye out in the next few days for the blooper reel, which has a couple of bloopers from GPR Local, and many more bloopers from Express. And as always, thank you to everyone who listens!

He pulled all sorts of reasons to justify himself. And each time I fell for his words. Maybe I subconsciously knew that if I were to refuse, I would feel even worse pain than if I were to agree. After all, even if I wanted to escape, back then I didn’t have the kind of knowledge or courage I needed to live on my own.
—  The Alchemist, Baccano! 1931 - The Grand Punk Railroad - Prologue VI