grand prix white

Tessa & Scott

I’m an American. And God, do I love my country. But Olympics 2014, I was rooting for Tessa & Scott the entire way.

When I first discovered ice dance in 2011, I was in the midst of watching the Grand Prix Final. Davis/White struck me as technically clean and mechanically perfect, and I was proud of them because they were American, like me. I wanted to become a fan, but as soon as Virtue/Moir came on, I knew that wouldn’t ever happen. They skated just as cleanly and beautifully as Davis/White, but there was something more. Tessa & Scott made me feel invested in the dance, and the emotion they brought to the performance was near blinding. 

Today, they won the silver for ice dance. And hell yeah, I’m happy. But you know what? They should’ve won the gold. Davis/White can skate however clean and spot-on they want, but they will never bring the level of feeling that Virtue/Moir possesses. 

I think this year, there was a lot stacked against Tessa & Scott. First, Marina has obviously favored the Americans, especially since Meryl is rumored to be dating her son. If you google Marina’s 2013 interviews, it’s very obvious she put more effort into choreographing Davis/White’s dances. And then there’s the whole judging scandal. While I didn’t believe anything at first, it does seem highly suspicious, that Davis/White’s combined score remains that much higher than Virtue/Moir. There has only ever been the marginal point between the two teams, but that is not reflected here in Sochi. And damn it, that’s unfair. If the judges can’t appreciate the exotic beauty that is Tessa & Scott, then it just proves even further that this team is on a different level altogether.

I’m mad, but I love these two and always will, no matter what. An American commentator once said, “Virtue/Moir have been two of the most influential ice dancers over the last few years, innovating new lifts and taking risk after risk. But boy, have those risks paid off.”

They have. The judges are just blind to it all.