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Havasupai Falls


Upper Geyer Basin - Old Faithful & Hot Spring Pools

An afternoon spent exploring this extraordinary landscape is like being teleported to an alien planet. It’s really hard to believe some of this scenery isn’t out of a sci-fi movie set, but rather it occurs naturally in all it’s glory around this world renowned park. It’s safe more me to say that the Yellowstone experience offers more “bang for your buck” then any other national park I’ve visited.

I arrived at 7:45pm and walked up to see Old Faithful starting to erupt; a perfect way to start the day. Then I proceed to walk the boardwalk and trail from the Upper Geyser Basin to the Biscuit Basin and back over the course of 5-6 miles. This area of the park contains the highest concentration of geysers on the entire planet. There’s an incredible variety of prismatic colored pools, deep blue hot springs and steaming geysers teasing the crowds with spouting, spewing and signs of eruption. Only a few geysers can be reliably predicted with eruption times and the rest can end up being quite random. I was lucky to see about 6 amazing eruptions over the course of 10 hours and two trips around the basin. 

I can’t say enough great things about this amazing, colorful, volcanic landscape. If you only had one day in Yellowstone (that’d be a shame) then this would obviously be the place to explore. People from all over the world stand in awe at the surreal sites found here.

On the Third Day of Crackmas...

This piece of trash is giving you some LadyNoir kind of~ Have some baby shenanigans! I’ve had this akuma idea in my brain for a while, and I was going to include it in LC at some point, if anything as a bonus story, but it’s just silly enough that I turned it into a crack. You’re welcome. I bring you: Toddlers and Miraculouses!

Day 1 Day 2

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As time wore on, Ladybug and Chat Noir had grown accustomed to akumas popping up in the middle of the day and interrupting their daily lives. It came with the superhero territory. Most battles followed the same routine, but on certain occasions, the akumas managed to surprise them. Today was one of those days that they found themselves presented with a series of odd circumstances as the akuma was a rebellious adult who refused to grow up, and as a result, he was blasting people with his age ray, leaving government offices in the hands of infants. Naturally, Ladybug and Chat Noir were hot on his tail when Chat pulled a classic defensive maneuver – leaping in front of Ladybug to offer himself as a human shield from enemy fire.

“Look out!” He called as the blast zapped him.

“Chat Noir!” Ladybug gasped as he shrank down, and a little boy blinked back up at her. “Aww…are you okay?”

“Purrfectwy fine, ma wady,” He affirmed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you back to normal soon,” She promised, squatting down so he could climb on her back.

“Can we get ice cweam on tha way?” He requested as she straightened up and reached for her yoyo.

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The Grand Prismatic Spring

Arguably the most stunning feature on the Yellowstone landscape, The Grand Prismatic Spring is 160ft, the largest hot spring in the United States, and the third largest in the world. A boardwalk takes you along the Midway Basin where you can get a view from the edge of the Grand Prismatic and Crater Geyser. The steam is intense and the are colors mesmerizing. Bacterial mats cover the ground leaving patterns like veins pumping boiling water into the river below. These pools seem like exotic portals to other worlds that have come creeping into our own.

Get A Room Pt. 1 - ChrisMD

Reader X Chris


“How’s it going guys? We made it out of the airport and we are in the taxi right now on the way to our villa. I’m here with Chris, Cal (Freezy), Harry and Simon!” You explained while panning around the car so that your viewers could see everyone. You, the sidemen and a few others (including your boyfriend Chris) were taking a couple weeks off in France, everyone was super excited as you went to the first villa as they were getting a proper holiday, so they didn’t have to work at all if they didn’t want to. You were staying in Paris for the first week and then Cannes the second.

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Here is the Westphalia hotel. It’s a huge second empire styled mansion, with several salons, three suites, four rooms, and library, concert room, swimming pool, home cinema, grand ballroom, winter garden, and other sectrets. There are also an abandoned part and some old servant rooms that you can refurbish as you wish.

Price : 1 757 242 §

Terrain : 50x50

Floors : 5

WARNING : It has a lot of CC (that I do NOT own of course), so you better have a good performing PC.

Install instructions : - manually : open the .zip, place the files in “mods” folder in your “Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\mods” folder, and other files in  “Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\tray” folder.
                               - with Sims 4 Tray Importer : Select “file” and “import” and select the .zip.

Download here


Through the Years → Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (31/)

8 April 2001 | One day after the festivities of ‘Joyeuse entree’ in Luxembourg in Luxembourg city, Luxembourg. (Photo by Pool BENAINOUS/SCORCELLETTI/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Crimean Museum, Beneath the Temple Pavilion in the Centre of the Palace Complex, Viewed Looking Towards the Grand Pool in the Imperial Garden Court, by Wilhelm Loeillot.German 1827-1876.- Karl Friedrich Schinkel. German 1781-1841. Source:Scottish National Gallery.