grand masquerade

I want there to be a grand, masquerade ball scene, where all the Paladins are dressed fancy trying to infiltrate because rumor has it Shiro might be there. As everyone is walking around, this is where Prince Lotor is formally revealed. He probably ends up dancing with someone and “oh shit what do I do??” And “fuck what do we do to help _____?!?” Kicks in. Lotor is probably just having the time of his life though, from finally being out of who knows where.


When you walk into the ballroom, you see the beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling & the many different colored flowers that decorate the tables. Everyone wears a unique, but elaborate mask hiding their identities. The flowing gowns look to be an ocean of color on the dance floor. Tonight could be the night you see friends, or meet a stranger. The enchantment of the night draws you in, your future will unfold this night.





D&D Plot Hooks

Whispers abound within the tavern’s soft lamplight. You happen to overhear some strange bits and pieces:

1. The magistrate’s sword has gone missing, and the only leads point towards a prominent jewel thief. The thief has been dead for a decade.

2. While digging a well, some townspeople have discovered a gaping cave under the water. It doesn’t seem like too much of an issue until several local children go missing. Their bodies show up days later in the well.

3. A mysterious but important figure is sending out invitations to a grand masquerade. It is said that the figure is particularly keen on inviting adventurers, for some reason or another.

4. The forest that has long been seen as peaceful seems not only sentient, but angry. It waits for wrongdoers to set up camp before strangling them in the roots of its trees. Recently, it’s become more and more violent- towards more than wrongdoers. Someone or something is forcing the forest to do their bidding.

5. A local guild of explorers has discovered a manuscript about an ancient artifact. They want it, badly, but anyone who follows the map to the temple where it is rumored to be, never returns. The guild is offering a high pay to whoever can bring back the artifact.

6. Drow, Drider, and other people and creatures of the Underdark are becoming more common on the surface. Something is forcing them out of their home, and it isn’t pretty.

7. A powerful, evil dragon has had their eyes on the kingdom for a while. Now, they might be coming to claim the territory as their own. Or so the local rangers say, from their posts at the borders.

8. A messenger is found, dead, with the scroll of their delivery clutched in their hands. It was an extremely important and time sensitive message, and if it isn’t delivered quickly, really bad things could happen. Someone didn’t want it delivered, that’s for sure.

9. A dangerous conman/woman has been going from town to town, selling fake cure-alls and so on. People are just now discovering they’ve been swindled, and boy are they mad.

10. An important figure has passed on, and a massive power struggle and chaos grips the area as people vie for the figure’s position.

Strawberry Confession

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word count: 10,048

Genre: A little bit of fluff, a little bit of angst, a little bit of something in between ♡♡♡♡♡

Summary: When you love a certain Kim Taehyung more than strawberries

A/N: In celebration of my hubby’s birthday ^w^ pls tell me that i am an innocent smol bean because this fic can definitely be a bedtime story :)))

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You like it when the sun sets over the horizon, wrapping the pavement in gold, as slivers of sunlight slip through puffy clouds to warm up your back, protecting you from the gusty winds blowing your way. You like it when the sound of your feet on the cobblestones echoes with each thump of your heart, the steadiness in which reminds you of the person walking indiscernibly ahead of you, an old habit he never noticed until that one time when you had pulled his sleeve in an attempt to slow him down, to which he had frowned, sulkily complaining that he was only doing so in order to hide you from aliens deciding to invade planet Earth as though it was a likely event. You like it when your knuckle brushes against his once in a while as the two of you walk next to each other, a constant reminder to you that he is always within a hand’s reach, unexpectedly tempting.

Still, nothing compares to the first hour of nightfall - when everything is dimmed and diminished to a low hum; when all you can see is his radiant smile which never ceases to falter - you become more and more entranced by the banter exchanged between the two of you with every passing second. That is when you wonder if having made your existence known to him has already cost you a lifetime’s fortune.

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“Only the best for you.” He murmured, digits curling around a dress of soft blue silk and feathers. They were styled more Orlesian, but only because that’s who would be attending this grand masquerade in an attempt to hope to soothe the ties that had long been broken between the two countries. He wanted her to feel comfortable and he felt one of the ways to do that was to let her pick what she wanted to wear. He wanted her to be happy because coin couldn’t buy that.

“Are there any you fancy? There must be one you like over the others.”

Alistair’s words earned him a smile and a discrete wink. Had she not been accustomed to the finer things in life this would have been far too much. But, the woman was Orlesian and this was reminiscent of — of right before the Conclave when everything in her life had gone to pieces. From the meeting in Redcliffe, a political friendship had bloomed, and with each letter grown into something far different than Ariella had thought possible.

My King,” she murmured intentionally. Silken material flowed through her hands like water. The display of dresses was — otherworldly. The smoothest silk, elegant brocade, the softest velvet adorned each gown, and to choose one from the group would be a tough decision. “You spoil me.” Her voice was just as soft as the fabrics that they held, fearful of being caught.

Rare were the instances they were able to meet, and when they did the air felt thick with uncertainty. Were she to make a move too soon she could destroy what unstable relationship the nations had. However, were she to not, would he think her uninterested? Her letters — the many letters she had written to him in a scrawling hand — had all but came forthright with her intent, but the tone had underlied every word she chose.

Indeed, there was one that she preferred over the others, but was it a dress that he was referring to. “Do you think they will know that it is me — the Inquisitor — under all of this?” Carefully, she held up the mask of the de Gramont family — her — family and the green of the Anchor sparkled against it, sending light dancing around the room. “Perhaps if I am gloved, it would not draw attention to me.”

So this is Love (Cinderella AU Pt.2)

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,856

Summary: Okay here is part 2 to our little Cinderella story!!!

Warnings: Uhhh still only tons of fluff ;)

Part 1 

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SNK Chapter 85 - So what’s going on?

They’re all living in the Truman Show.

Or the Matrix. Or Plato’s Cave. 

Everyone in the story has been thoroughly, thoroughly duped. Hell, even outside the story - we as readers were just as duped. Because the story that we have been following so far has just been revealed to have been not only fictional in our world, but also in their world. 

In the SNK anime there’s a brilliant scene in Episode 11 where Pixis is talking with Eren on Wall Rose. He mentions that prior to the Titans’ domination of the earth, humans were endlessly fighting each other over their differences. “Then someone said, if there was an enemy that was not part of humanity, that we would all unite and humanity would stop fighting each other.” Both Eren and Pixis dismiss the idea as naive and overly optimistic - as the series has repeatedly proven, especially in the Uprising Arc, that the idea of “humanity uniting best against a common enemy” is deeply flawed.

But this “someone” definitely thought it was plausible. And, as Isayama told the anime team the entirety of the story’s plotline, I believe that this scene was included to hint towards the reason behind the First King’s obsessive containment of humanity.

We always thought that the Walls were created to keep the Titans out. We were wrong. They were created to keep the humans in. They were created for humanity’s own safety, but not from the Titans, from themselves.

So, my hypothesis is more or less this:

Titanshifting is a widespread science for humanity outside the walls, serving primarily military purposes. But although Grisha calls this world “harmonious” now (and he may just mean that they aren’t under threat from the Titans), in the past they were constantly warring among themselves - as is perhaps represented by this tableau in the anime’s second ending sequence:

The First King was horrified by the civil wars tearing his people apart, and decided that humanity was a dog that needed to be put to heel to save it from eventually destroying itself. For this reason, he obtained the Co-Ordinate, ordered his armies to titanshift, and then commanded hundreds of Titans to harden themselves in three, widespread concentric circles which were to becomes Walls Sina, Rose and Maria - encapsulating his nation, and all its inhabitants, within. He then gave the command to the remaining Titans outside of the Walls to devour humans on sight. Finally, he ordered the destruction of all records of human history within the Walls, used his Reiss Titan powers to wipe the memories of everyone within, and spread misinformation claiming the extinction of humanity at the hands of the Titans.

In this way, the First King enacted his grand masquerade. He set up the circumstances that would supposedly force humanity to perpetually unite itself against a common foe, and therefore create a utopia. We have seen time and time again that he is wrong - that there is gross inequality within the Walls, that there are orphans who have to beat people to death to survive, that change for the better is suppressed at every turn - but in the First King’s paranoid, control obsessed mind, that is still preferable to the chaos that would ensue if his subjects were ever allowed out of their cage. 

And this ideology remains intact through every Reiss descendant who inherits it. This is why, even with the Co-Ordinate, they refuse to destroy the Titan menace.

And with the Survey Corps being nothing more than a way of conveniently disposing of troublesome members of society while reminding the people of the scale of the threat that they faced, the First King could well have kept up this charade indefinitely - if it were not for the two alien elements he failed to predict: the first of which being Grisha Jaeger, and the second being the Warriors.

I don’t have enough evidence to set down anything clear for the aims of Grisha or the Warriors - the Warriors in particular are an increasingly difficult puzzle to solve - but the nature of the Walled world is now clear. The people within the Walls are the recipients of the grandest illusion of all time - victims of one man’s desperation for peace. This completes the strand of the major philosophical argument of the series, outlined by Eren in Chapter 1.

Security without freedom is the peace of livestock.

Split-off of The Grand Masquerade: Lady Chagford, Miss Persephone, Count Sparkle

“Now, please, enjoy yourselves." 

Count Sparkle had taken it upon himself to inspect the tables of refreshments for their quality. Finding two people whose costume he did not know would be possibly hard. He should fortify himself first. Happily humming along to the music of the orchestra, he ambled over and picked up a glass.