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Min Yoongi: King of Setting Goals and being true to his word.

A.K.A. the post explaining why Min Suga has only cried twice on stage.

HYYH On stage DVD

160508 화양연화 ON STAGE : EPILOGUE 

at the Olympic Gymnasium Arena

HYYH On stage DVD

Daesang (Kr.) - Grand Prize (Eng.)

161202 MAMA 2016 : BTS wins Daesang for Artist of the Year

princesspbo  asked:

How would the vets and the 104 react to seeing the Grand Canyon? Love you mama!

Mikasa: Would be really amazed
Reiner: Would be super hyped 
Bertholdt: Dies because he’s scared of heights
Annie: Gets a feeling of freedom
Eren: Wants to know all about it
Jean: Thinks it looked cooler on the pictures
Marco: Stands there for hours just looking over it
Sasha: Can you believe this?!
Connie: Aliens!
Historia: Mother nature is a blessing!
Armin: Infodumps on the squad
Ymir: Speechless for once
Levi: Not bad
Hanji: OH MY GOD!
Erwin: Inspiring!
Nanaba: Be kinda scared but also fascinated
Mike: Single tear of joy
Moblit: Waits in the car

*me, scrolling through my own blog* she is so goddamn funny I love her

kyle-broflovski-official  asked:

So, we all now how Katsuki react to the TodoFem!Deku kiss in the school festival, but the real question is how Katsuki's mom react when she saw it on TV????

One part of her was “AWWWWwwww HAIIIIIILLLLLLLL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

Originally posted by aoberi-chan

but the other part of her was “Dear God Katsuki got a tough competition, that little brat better step up his game. I WANT GRAND BABIES!!!!”

While Mama Katsuki was throwing a huge fit, Papa Bakugou was “I could see why Deku-chan might decide to date other boy….this family gets little crazy at times……”

Anastasia's letter to her father 21 september 1914

September 21st
My golden Papa!
Congratulations on your victory. We were on Alexei’s train today. We saw many wounded. On the way, three died - two officers. Madame Kublitskaya was there. We saw Poretsky, he looks very old. Serious wounds, so maybe in 2 days one soldier will die, they were moaning. Then we went to the Grand Palace’s large hospital; Mama and the sisters were changing the bandages, and Maria and I went to all the wounded, talked to each one, one showed me a very large piece of shrapnel, they took it out of his leg, and it was a heavy piece. Everyone said that they want to return to take revenge on the enemy! I just got out of the bath. We saw Semenov-Tien-Shansky’s sister, who is also working; she’s a terribly ugly person. Alexei is cheerful, and his leg hurts a little. At 6 o'clock we went back to the Small Hospital and we sat there until twenty to 8. It was nice and fun. Your little sharpshooter’s arm hurts so much that he always paces and cannot lie in bed. Sleep well and see me in your dreams. I kiss you 1000 times. Your loving daughter, 13-year-old servant of God.

Nastasya ANRPZSG

May God keep you. +

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the signs as video games
  • Aries: Borderlands
  • Taurus: Assassins Creed
  • Gemini: Little Big Planet
  • Cancer: Animal Crossing
  • Leo: Grand Theft Auto
  • Virgo: Cooking Mama
  • Libra: Skyrim
  • Scorpio: Bioshock
  • Sagittarius: Pokemon
  • Capricorn: Counter Strike
  • Aquarius: Super Mario Galaxy
  • Pisces: World of Warcraft