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Min Yoongi: King of Setting Goals and being true to his word.

A.K.A. the post explaining why Min Suga has only cried twice on stage.

HYYH On stage DVD

160508 화양연화 ON STAGE : EPILOGUE 

at the Olympic Gymnasium Arena

HYYH On stage DVD

Daesang (Kr.) - Grand Prize (Eng.)

161202 MAMA 2016 : BTS wins Daesang for Artist of the Year

  • -Wanting to be a proper boyfriend, Oikawa bravely makes it official with Kageyama's "parents" by inviting them to lunch.-
  • Oikawa: Yup, so there you have it. Me and Tobio-chan are dating. So hopefully you can give us your blessing with this relationship~
  • Kageyama: //////[-Nervously eating as he looks down.-]
  • Daichi: Uhm, that's great news you two. It...sure was surprising to hear.[-still a bit speechless after being invited by their rival for an important news.-]
  • Suga: Yeah, we never would have expected you to actually have such deeper affections for Kageyama. Are you really serious about dating him?[-Although he was saying this calmly, there was a definite tone of hostility laced in that question.-]
  • Oikawa: Of course Mr. Refre-, Uh Suga-san. I'm more than serious about this relationship.
  • -Suga turned to Kageyama.-
  • Suga: What about you, Kageyama. Did you really think about this?
  • -Kageyama stayed quite before nodding.-
  • Kageyama: ...Yeah. I want this, too./////
  • -Suga still looked a bit skeptical, but decided to finally give in at last with a sigh.-
  • Suga: Well if this is what you want, then I won't argue.
  • -Kageyama takes another bite of his dinner, blushing even harder as Daichi smiled; completely relieved he didn't have to step in.-
  • Oikawa: That's quite considerate of you as his teammates...[-extends his hand to Suga-]
  • Suga: Well, please keep in mind that you are going to be held accountable for anything that might happen to our precious Kouhai. So do take care of him, Grand King. [-smiles warmly-]
  • Oikawa: ;;;;(...This guy is scary.;;;)

I started to wonder why EXO’s songs are usually about obsessive love, how Monster reeks of Frankenstein with Chanyeol (Frankenstein was called Modern Prometheus) strapped down to a table during the teaser and then this happened.

the signs as video games
  • Aries: Borderlands
  • Taurus: Assassins Creed
  • Gemini: Little Big Planet
  • Cancer: Animal Crossing
  • Leo: Grand Theft Auto
  • Virgo: Cooking Mama
  • Libra: Skyrim
  • Scorpio: Bioshock
  • Sagittarius: Pokemon
  • Capricorn: Counter Strike
  • Aquarius: Super Mario Galaxy
  • Pisces: World of Warcraft

kyle-broflovski-official  asked:

So, we all now how Katsuki react to the TodoFem!Deku kiss in the school festival, but the real question is how Katsuki's mom react when she saw it on TV????

One part of her was “AWWWWwwww HAIIIIIILLLLLLLL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 

Originally posted by aoberi-chan

but the other part of her was “Dear God Katsuki got a tough competition, that little brat better step up his game. I WANT GRAND BABIES!!!!”

While Mama Katsuki was throwing a huge fit, Papa Bakugou was “I could see why Deku-chan might decide to date other boy….this family gets little crazy at times……”

*me, scrolling through my own blog* she is so goddamn funny I love her