grand lusus


I couldnt fall asleep, so I got the video online.

Enjoy Everyone!

-Lance, Your Grand Lusus  …

PS youtube fucked with the quality, ugh …

Save the Date - Info to come soon as I prep the details

Party Incoming for March 16th

I think i have secured my venue of choice and DJ friend.

I will post again with details on how to prereg and the price as I finalize negotiations with the hotel.

But some basic things

  • Dance Party
  • Event is 13+ with an adult, 21+ to drink at the bar of course
  • Venue is a Hotel
  • DJ is our great DJ from Detroit Tommy Toony (i hope ^_^ )
  • Dinner will be provided
  • Party will have a private bartender!
  • Trying to get costs around 30 dollars for the night
  • Hotel is giving us rooms to rent at a discount! (Hear that Ohiostuck and Chicagostucks!)

Alright, talk to you all later!

-Lance “The Blue Dragon / Lord of Blood / yadda yadda ” Sabbag