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Ok so we all have to prepare ourselves to say goodbye to our most beloved rebels ever...

Farewell, Ghost crew. I loved you so much. And I am saying this early, first, to get myself prepared to accept this parting with Star Wars Rebels, which was an essential part of my life for past three years. I tried to suppress myself from crying all the time during the panel, managed to get it pressed during while the trailer was being displayed, but when it ended with Hera saying “May the Force be with you.”, I couldn’t hold it much longer. Star Wars Rebels Actually changed the course of my life. It gave me the courage to turn my head away from traumas and pressures that had been undermining my talents and my mental health, and face what i really needed and wanted, and look into who I was inside those masks i have created to deny everything that was going on around me. I will never forget this marvelous, gorgeous, fantastic, intricate, elaborate and so, so much beautiful and historic work of animated TV show, and how had it gave me courage to grow up and be a better person. Thank you so much, Dave. I have been cursing you since 2013, but at the same time, I admire you and the amazing capability you have shown as an executive producer of both of <Star Wars Rebels> and <Star Wars: The Clone Wars.> You are my hero aaaand a great role model as an upstanding figure in the animation industry. Thank you for working for Lucasfilm Animations….

Goodbye to the last years of my adolescence, which is now all after me, with the time I had spent with Star Wars Rebels, with changes, decisions, and growth that I made.

I am that one who grew up with your show that you were refering to, Dave.

Forever, with me.


「声優グランプリ vol. 7」― sneak peek

Some sneak peek of Seigura vol. 7!
Pardon me for the crappy photo quality and all… Also, I know I’m hella late cause it’s last month’s issue but whatevs;;;
Feel free to ask for any of the stuffs! Though, to be honest, my scanner couldn’t fit the entire magazine and I just scanned some… But feel free to drop either a comment or message for any particular seiyuu to be scanned! I’ll share some scans I’ve done later ⭐



Seiyuu Grand Prix 2016 results are out! 

Jun bags first place! 
Followed closely with Kamiyan and our loveable ossan Nakamura Yuichi!

@jeneenp MFMM Episode Recap Index

Those who have been in the fandom for a while know that the episode recaps by @jeneenp are legendary, but at the Miss Fisher Con, I learned that many new comers did not know about them. The thoughtful @babsmd suggested me to put an index together for everyone, a task I gladly accepted.

Below are all I managed to locate. As you can see, some episodes are missing. Since I didn’t join Tumblr until early 2015, I have no idea whether she actually posted the recaps for those episodes. Feel free to add links if you happen to have them handy.


S1E1 Cocaine Blues (posted 10-Jul-2014)

S1E2 Murder on the Ballarat Train (posted 25-Jul-2014)

S1E4 Death at Victoria Dock (posted 30-Jul-2014)

S1E11 Blood and Circuses (posted 16-Jun-2014)

S1E12 Murder in the Dark: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 (posted 25, 26, 27-Jun-2014)

S1E13 King Memses’ Curse: Set 1, Set 2 (posted 02, 07-Jul-2014)


S2E1 Murder Most Scandalous: Set 1, Set 2 (posted 23, 27-Jul-2014)

S2E2 Death Comes Knocking: Set 1, Set 2 (posted 08, 09-Aug-2014

S2E3 Dead Man’s Chest: Set 1, Set 2 (22, 23-Aug-2014)

S2E4 Deadweight: Set 1, Set 2 (posted 03, 06-Oct-2014)

S2E5 Murder a la Mode: Set 1, Set 2 (posted 30, 31-Oct-2014)

S2E6 Marked for Murder: Set 1, Set 2 (posted 05-Dec-2014)

S2E7 Blood at the Wheel: Set 1, Set 2 (posted 09-Jan-2015)


S3E1 Death Defying Feats (posted 14-May-2015)

S3E2 Murder and the Maiden (posted 21-May-2015)

S3E3 Murder and Mozzarella (posted 25-May-2015)

S3E4 Blood and Money (posted 03-Jun-2015)

S3E5 Death and Hysteria (posted 11-Jun-2015)

E3E6 Death at the Grand (posted 18-Jun-2015)

S3E7 Game, Set and Murder (posted 25-Jun-2015)

S3E8 Death Do Us Part (posted 02-Jul-2015)

(Posted 13-May-2017)


Jun performing his Free Program at the 2017 Skate Canada International



The next event has been announced, Hoshinoki King Grand Prix! There’s no confirmation on the event type, but we do get to see all the cards! This event will feature, with Suzume Chiaki and Ootori Kei 5*, and Kozuka Rin and Kushiro Jun 4*. The event will begin on November 28th.

Starevo will also add another new song, “Shutter Chance” - possibly an event song!


So: The throne makes you scared and lonely…

So was feeling sad that:

- Grand General Park has asked for retirement

- Baek Ah who had always been close to him is now distancing himself and treats him like a king and not a brother

- Ji Mong is only focused on avenging Moo’s death

- Jung is treating him like a murderer of his own brothers

- Queen Yoo is still not acknowledging him as her son

Soo comforted him by saying “I am still here….I will not leave you” 

Such is the power of love…cry…

‘From Lost to Found, From Contemporary to Traditional, From England to China… In the Eyes of Liu Wen’ - model: Liu Wen - photographer: Sun Jun - stylist: Wilson Huang - hair & makeup: He Lei - location: Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England -  Harper’s Bazaar China December 2015

  • Stephane Rolland Haute Couture

Jun performing his Short Program at the 2017 Skate Canada International

OMG he grew a bit, he looks taller and this is his senior debut!