grand ghidorah


“Belial… are you… alright?” Shinjiro asked.

“I will kill him. I will kill this monster and then it’s master.” Belial sputtered through gritted teeth. “I WILL KILL YOU DEMON!!” Belial Roared and leapt to the monsters back, planting his feet on Grand King Ghidorah’s wings he gripped the center neck and pulled with all his might and a strangling grasp. The monster threw Belial across the land, collapsing a nearby hill. Shinjiro ran over as Mecha King Ghidorah charged the monster. Shinjiro charged and delivered a vicious uppercut to the monsters one head, but in doing so was shocked by a bolt of energy. A rush of pain and a sickening crunch went through his arm, on top of this the mechanics of his suit’s arm went dead. His left arm was useless, and possibly broken.

Shinjiro turned and went to Belial and reached out his hand. “Come on Belial.”

“What happened to your arm?”

“I hit him too hard maybe, I don’t know… There was some kind of energy feedback, my suit shut down there, and my arm is hurt. But we can’t stop. We can do this. No more ultras die today.” Belial took his hand and stood.

“You’re right…” Belial delivered a swift strike to the back of Shinjiros head. He collapsed to the ground. “No more Ultras die today.”

Belial turned facing his foe. “Mecha. Hold him.” Belial began to glow a low red. The sun was setting. The light was dying. But not in him. He was the light now. Embracing the need to protect the ultra, enveloped by the darkness of his need for revenge. He was burning. Mecha King Ghidorah fluttered over and launched his G Grab system. Connecting and electrocuting Grand King Ghidorah. The electricity did little to hurt the beast. The claws though held. Belial channeled everything to his hands.

“This… THIS IS YOURS! MY LOVE! MY HATE! AND ALL OF MY SORROW AND RAGE! TAKE IT! DIE!” Belial roared and from his hands erupted a ball of fire the intensity of which had never been seen on this earth. Belial collapsed. Exhausted, every ounce of energy he had went into that blast.

Unfortunately this Ghidorah was not of this Earth… The Beast lived.

A Loud rolling laugh like thunder echoed across the sky, Grand King Ghidorah flew away, Mecha King Ghidorah returned to the Battlenizer at Belials command.

A Flash of light. Ultraman Tiga descended. He had been following the traces of Light across the world. He saw an exhausted Belial, and two fallen Ultras.

“You… murderer… You die next!” Tiga Charged Belial, too weak to resist.

“no… please”

Ultra Father found them next, also looking for his fellow Ultras, hoping to find Mother. He found Zoffy, his best friend, lying dead on the ground.

He grabbed Belial by the throat and lifted him from the ground.


He threw Belial to a nearby cliff. Tiga leapt in to continue the assault as Mother also finally arrived. She ran to her husband. A short embrace, a sweet reunion turned bitter by the death of their friends.

“This one still lives!” She said as she ran to Shinjiro a healing beam charging and bathing the young ultra in a warm light.

The sun set further as Father flew over to Belial.

“All these years, and all these things you have done… and never once have I thought your crimes warranted death. I always believed there may have been a way to return you to the light but now… Zoffy’s light is out. He was your friend once. He was like a brother to you. He was like a brother to me. How could you do this you monster?!”

“I… failed… couldn’t… save”

“Yourself. There is no salvation for you now. Now. You die.” He crossed his arms, Tiga followed suit.

Shinjiro woke up, his arm healed, He looked for Belial, charging in immediately. “Stop!”

For a brief second, all fell silent. The sun had finally set. It was dark. The light had dimmed. But It was not gone. It would never be gone. Not now. Now a light had been rekindled. A young man told the commander of the Space garrison how their once hated enemy had saved him, and nearly sacrificed himself trying to avenge Zoffy. He explained who he was, and why he stood in defense of Belial.

Belial was saved, not by anything other than his deeds this day. The light would not die.

But like our world, a balance was found with Darkness and Light, both were necessary, and both served better together. Father lifted Zoffy. Shinjiro helped carry Belial. This was all the Ultra’s had left. They would heal, recuperate, and face their foe together. As a family.

ultramanultimo  asked:

Is Grand King Ghidorah the most powerful incarnation of the King of Terror? Or would we consider Keizer Ghidorah?

There was a 15-page thread on the Kaijuphile forums, concerning who would win an all-out Ghidorah brawl, that basically came down to this very question. Here’s the link, for anyone with both the will and the time to read through it.

Short version… Grand Ghidorah’s biggest asset is his shield, which negated Rainbow Mothra’s rays with ease (the same rays that staggered Dagahra). He’s also got flight and the multi-shot madness of wing lightning going for him.

Kaiser Ghidorah, on the other hand, has gravity beams that actually manipulate gravity, and he uses them skillfully. And his nifty energy-draining bites make him more dangerous up close.

It’s a tough call, to put it mildly. Both were only harmed by impossibly-powerful incarnations of Mothra and Godzilla, so it’s hard to say what their practical limitations are.

In any case, Grand Ghidorah has the better design by far. :P