grand finale ~

Shoma’s schedule September-December

Schedule may change

september 14-17th: Lombardia Trophy, Bergamo, Italy

october 7th: Japan Open, Saitama, Japan

october 27-29th: Skate Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

november 17-19th: Internationaux de France, Grenoble, France

december 7-10th: Grand Prix Final, Nagoya, Japan (presumed)

december 20-24th: Japanese Internationals, Tokyo, Japan

Itachi making a deal with death that he can repeat life as many times as he needs to until he figures out the perfect sequence of events that will lead to the optimal outcome for everyone he cares about, but only when he reaches peace will the cycle end. 

Cue hundreds of variations. In some, the clan survives but the village dies. He always tries not to hurt Sasuke and he always fails. Worst still are the times that Sasuke isn’t born at all. The family dies, the village goes on. In others still, the village and the clan survive but the world ends. He spends years upon years in a Tsukuyomi nightmare until the grand tree finally saps the last of his energy dry and the cycle repeats. Thousands of years, hundreds of variations.

Until, eventually, he goes through the steps as he first remembers them. The clan falls, he loses his honor, he falls from grace and dances familiar events with a levity that he didn’t remember the first time around. Hundreds of variations, hundreds and thousands of changes and THIS is still the optimal outcome and even as his heart breaks he presses his head to Sasuke’s and this will be the LAST time. 

Nerd Update (AKA, CS + ESC)

Managed to write a program that scraped the Wikipedia articles for Eurovision 2008-2017 and saved into a CSV file the year, show (which semi, or if it was the Grand Final), running order, country, title, artist, language, points, and ranking of each song for all those years.

Will have to fine tune it so it doesn’t break for all the other years (where the rules were different, aka either one or no semifinal).


Week 13. “Ru-nited”

Category is: “Modern Poison Ivy Eleganza Extravaganza”

Miss Ambrosia Delight goes all dolled up for the reunion to see her fellow sisters before the grand finale. Also wanting to be the first Drag in herstory to have a Miss Congeniality crown and be the winner of the season… a Girl can dream

  • <p> <b>Yurio:</b> Whoa, whoa, whoa. "Boyfriend”? I don’t want to be Otabek’s boyfriend.<p/><b>Viktor:</b> Well, what do you want, then?<p/><b>Yurio:</b> I don’t know. I just want to be with him. All the time. I want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. I want to hold his hand and smell his hair. But I don’t want to be his stupid boyfriend!<p/></p>
  • my friend: haha, careful cutting those onions or you might start crying
  • me: pfft onions never make me cry
  • onion: yuri plisetsky spent the entirety of his childhood skating so that he cold fulfill his dream of winning the grand prix final and despite all the pressure he was getting from coaches and family, he never gave up because he truly believed that he could one day reach that goal. aND he finally won first place after all that effort and in the process learned how to love and how to express himself in ways he never knew how.
  • me, sobbing: nevermind

Next Grand Prix Final.

Yurio gets jealous of a fangirl who wants to take a picture with Otabek and erm…he forgets that they didn’t kiss before.


In Honor Of Rupaul’s Drag Race Grande Finale: Drag Queen Throughout History