grand duchess dress

Tsar Nicholas II’s coronation, 1896:

Seated L-R: Grand Duchess Alexandra Iosifovna and the Duchess of Connaught

Standing L-R: Grand Duchess Vera Constantinovna, Grand Duchess Anastasia Mihailovna, Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna (the elder), Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna, Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mavrikevna and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Forground: Duchess Elsa of Wurttemberg


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[2/7] Royal Dresses/Gowns - Olga and Tatiana’s Court Gowns

These matching white and pink dresses were worn by Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana Nikolaevna, the two eldest daughters of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna, as part of the 1913 celebrations of the tercentenary of the Romanov Dynasty’s rule over Russia. The full length white satin gowns were traditional Russian court dresses, with long open sleeves and pink velvet accents. The dresses had detachable trains which were embellished with artificial roses. On their heads the girls each wore a matching kokoshnik of pink velvet that was decorated with bows and pearls. In formal photos taken of them to commemorate the occasion, it can be seen they also wore bright scarlet sashes with their Order of St. Catherine on them.