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What are your thoughts on Rose and her concept (pre and post being pregnant with Steven) on love? I know she's good, but flawed person and I have thought she doesn't (or at least didn't) have a proper understanding over what love is.

Anon, I’m sure this wasn’t your intention, but this ask and the prior ask about Peridot are making me a little uncomfortable. 

Rose does not experience empathy. This is basically proven in We Need To Talk, and Peridot is someone who prefers to think in patterns and logic to the point where, while she seems to experience emotions, she has a lot of difficulty putting them into words and explaining them.

Neither of those things mean they don’t understand love. And given love is often flaunted by people as the pinnacle of humanity or what have you, asserting that somehow Peridot or Rose need to change so that they can experience love “properly” throws people like Peridot (which, I’d count myself as one of those people, being an autistic person who understands my emotions and experiences by breaking them down and analyzing them in a process a lot like Peridot’s) and Rose a bit under the bus.

Rose doesn’t understand love? 

She tells Steven he’s going to be something incredible, that she’ll always be a part of him, and that when he feels happy, a part of that is “me, loving you, and loving being you.”

Rose has not one but two passionate, onscreen, romantic relationships. Look at Rose’s Scabbard, look at Rainbow Quartz’s fusion in We Need To Talk, look at the very beautiful, natural way Rose and Pearl tag-team in The Answer

Look at Greg’s section of the video in Lion 3

Rose experiences love. She experiences it in a grand fascination with people and how they tick. That she does not instinctively, inherently “get” those emotions doesn’t matter, and in a way, that makes her drive for individual acceptance all the more sincere- Rose actively seeks to know what people are thinking, feeling, when this does not come naturally to her and she may have never really ‘gotten’ people. She seems to have humbled herself in the past, moved from a grand, towering Diamond to a more ordinary sized Gem and she has a penchant for kneeling or encouraging the people around her up to her eye level- something that would’ve been incredibly difficult if in the past she was on the scale of the Diamonds we’ve seen.

Peridot experiences love. In small things like trust, and hearing things out, and that after It Could Have Been Great she seems to have reacted to that by deconstructing and reconstructing the entire way she was looking at the situation. Peridot’s love is a very mechanical, analytical thing, because this is how she understands the world, in variables and pieces of data, and it can go unnoticed because Peridot has difficulty expressing herself. But it’s the point where people aren’t just a variable to navigate around but an end in an of themselves. In Too Far Peridot does not have anything obvious to gain from making up with Amethyst. She is not being punished for this. 

But, independently, she feels bad about it, and, independently, she consults Steven about it, because he’s good at this expressing himself and relating to people thing, and that’s foreign territory, so Peridot outsources. She uses a recording device and expresses her sentiments and thoughts as clearly as possible.

“I hope you understand. I want to understand. I’m sorry.”

This is kind of a particular subject to me because I’m an asexual, aromantic person, and I feel like it’s been insinuated that I experience the wrong kind of love or not enough love, when that’s not right. I love almost everyone. I love random people I meet with pretty eyes, or freckles, or a nice smile, I love people when they laugh, or if they don’t. I tell most of my friends that I love them, and I mean that, because if you’re that close to me I feel warm and excited and happy thinking about you and sharing things with you and talking to you.

And this is something I can deconstruct and think about logically and analyze all the pieces of it, because that’s how I think. And I know that it doesn’t mean I want to kiss all my friends or people with freckles, or hold hands, or marry them. This is part of my experience as a person. There’s not a wrong way to experience things, love included.

Are there ways to express love or act on it that can seriously hurt people? Absolutely, and those should probably be avoided. But love the way Peridot and Rose experience it isn’t hurting anyone, themselves included. It’s just different, and that’s not a “lesson” they need to learn so they can “know better”, it’s part of how they are that needs to be respected.