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African Island Nations

1. Comoros Archipelago/Union of the Comoros (Union des Comores/Udzima wa Komori) Swahili Coast, East Africa, Indian Ocean

The archipelago includes: Mayotte, Grande Comore Anjouan and Mohéli:

Demonym: Comoran or Comorian Official languages: Comorian, Arabic and French, Main religion: Islam, Minority religions: Christianity, Hinduism and others

2. Zanzibar, Swahili Coast, East Africa, Indian Ocean

The archipelago includes: Unguja Island (colloquially referred to as Zanzibar) Pemba Island,  Latham Island, Mafia Island, Bawe Island, Tumbatu Island, Changuu (Prison) Island and many more

Demonym: Zanzibari, Official languages: English, Arabic and Swahili, Main religion:Islam, Minority religions: Christianity, Hinduism, indigenous religions and others

3. Republic of Madagascar (Repoblikan'i Madagasikara/République de Madagascar) East Africa, Indian Ocean

The archipelago includes: Île Sainte-Marie (Nosy Boraha), Nossi-Bé

Demonym: Malagasy, Official languages: Malagasy and French, Main religions: indigenous religions, Christianity, Minority religions: Islam

4.  Republic of Mauritius (République de Maurice/Republik Moris) East Africa, Indian Ocean

The archipelago includes: Mauritius island, Rodrigues island, Agaléga Islands
Saint Brandon and many more

Demonym: Mauritian, Official languages: none, just national languages: French, Mauritian Creole, Bhojpuri language, Main religions: Hinduism, Christianity, Islam Minority religions: Buddhism, Bahá'í  and others

5. Republic of Seychelles (Repiblik Sesel/République des Seychelles)

The archipelago includes:La Digue, Félicité, Marianne, Silhouette Island,
Ile du Nord, Les Mamelles and many more

Demonym: Seychellois, Seychelloise, Seselwa Official languages: French, English, Seychellois Creole Main religions: Christianity Minority religions: Hinduism, Islam,  Bahá'í  and others

6. Republic of Cape Verde (República de Cabo Verde) West Africa, Atlantic Ocean

The archipelago includes: Boa Vista, Brava, Fogo, Maio, Sal and many more

Demonym: Cape Verdean Official languages: Portugese and Cape Verdean Creole as a national language Main religions: Christianity, Minority religions: Islam and others

7. Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe (República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe) Central Africa, Atlantic Ocean

The archipelago includes: Príncipe, São Tomé Island,Rolas

Demonym: São Toméan, Santomean, Official languages: Portuguese
and national recognised languages: Forro, Angolar, Principense, Main religions: Christianity Minority religions: Islam and others

*this is a list of Island nations not just different African Islands. African islands which are currently European territories include: Madeira Islands, Canary Islands, Réunion, Mayotte and of course there are islands are territories to African counties such as Lamu Island of Kenya, Bajuni Islands of Somalia, Djebra islands of Tunisia and many more*


Faraway, so Close


Floating in the Mozambique Channel, between the northern tips of Madagascar and Mozambique, are the Comoros, a handsome four-island nation sprayed across a volcanic archipelago. Grande Comore, the largest island, Mohéli and Anjouan form the self-governed Union of the Comoros; the fourth, Mayotte, remains a contested French overseas department.
In the days of package tourism, its stretches of white beaches, palm trees and warm sea (home to the world’s largest crab, biggest clam and oldest fish respectively) were once Comoros’ claims to fame. Those days are long gone, however. Most people, nowadays, have never heard of the third smallest country in Africa.