grand central station clock

This train is a great representation of the high technology that Zootopia society had achieved.

Look at the train and the rails:

  • No “3rd rail” (the power rail)
  • No overhead/catenary power lines
  • And when the train wooshes by the camera (twice in the movie) you can hear the wind noise but no Diesel (or any combustion engine) roar

Now let’s analyze the train’s performance:

  • Judy arrived at her apartment at 2:16pm (alarm clock time).
  • Assuming a 30m walk from Grand Central Station, her train arrived at 1:46.
  • Looking at the shadows of the Bunnyburrow town sign and the shadows of people in Zootopia City, she left Bunnyburrow at around 10:14. (The shadows are the same length)
  • A total train trip time of about 3.5 hours
  • Bunnyburrow – Zootopia City are 212 miles apart
  • So the train must maintain an average speed of about 60mph (= 96km/h)
  • This does not include the necessary speed up when leaving Bunnyburrow, or the slow down as it negotiated the curves entering the city, and the final slow down entering the Grand Central.
  • So during peak speed, the train probably reached speeds as high as 120mph (=192 km/h)

Ladies and gentlemammals, that is a yiffing FAST train.

I don’t think batteries will cut it.

The train probably had its own internal Fusion Reactor whose electricity output directly drives the motors.