grand canyon hikes

Sat in Zebra Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, UT

Not the usual hiking gear, but the whole water element was a surprise, and we weren’t going to turn back after finding this place. We hiked through in just our underwear with no boots on, often reaching water that was chest-high. For the middle of summer, the water was surprisingly chilly, but it just added to the crazy experience. An unforgettable day amongst a summer of unforgettable days, 2014. 


National Park Signs -  Part I

I’ve now been to 28 US National Parks over the past 4 years. The experience has been truly amazing.


Close to two years ago, my two friends and I hopped in the Jeep and headed west. Shooting for California, breaking down in Utah, and eventually settling in Colorado. Living out of the Jeep for a month- all I had was some clothes, my sketchbook, and my camera. I took these pictures somewhere along the way and showed them to nobody until now. So, here’s only a few of my favorite pictures I took while traveling west from Michigan. (PT2)