grand canyon art

After another few weeks away we are back with a vengeance and with some  Maxfield Parrish. Born in Philadelphia in 1870 Maxfield Parrish entered into the arts early, learning techniques from his artist father, Stephen Parrish. A bulk of Maxfield’s career was spent illustrating fairy-tales, nursery rhymes, magazines and advertisements. By the 1920′s he abandoned commercial art and began painting for himself. In his own words: 
“I’m done with girls on rocks! I’ve painted them for thirteen years and I could paint them and sell them for thirteen more. That’s the peril of the commercial art game. It tempts a man to repeat himself. it’s an awful thing to get to be a rubber stamp. I’m quitting my rut now while I’m still able.”

Here is his piece, Grand Canyon (ca. 1902).

CANYONLANDS: Evening Light

Sometimes making art becomes a process of reduction down to essential elements. Whatever does not contribute to the whole must be discarded leaving only the essence of a place. This is what the Painted Desert in Arizona felt like just before a blood red sun set in the west as we drove home to our hotel.