grand archon

man as soon as yall start talking about cardassian society as patriarchal you fuckin lose me. cardassia is a society based on centuries of goddess worship (see: the oralian way), where women run pretty much everything but the military (see: women comprise most of the major cardassian political figures we are exposed to including the GRAND ARCHON). cardassians are based on cobras, meaning that female cardassians probably shouldn’t just be the more aggressive of the two, but also the more physically intimidating, and the only reason they aren’t is because the vfx department was adhering to the same standard patriarchal values yall have been steeped in since birth. stop assigning the same values and connotations to cardassian femininity that you assign to human femininity and just assuming cardassia is incredibly patriarchal it’s weird and boring and regressive and has very little basis in reality. it makes me feel like we didn’t watch the same show