10 day hiatus

I’m going on vacation today. I’ve got a flight in few hours and I’m super excited! Finally I’ll catch some sun and have a real break ☀☀☀

Because I haven’t got a tumblr app on my phone and I’m not taking my laptop I won’t be here for about 10 days. But my queue runs incessantly, just don’t expect any new posts.

If there is sth important, you need to know anything or you just want me to see sth, don’t hesitate- send me a message (as I won’t be able to view all notes after the break)
I’ll try to answer everything when I come back!

see you soon my dear followers!

A 77-year-old grandmother beat the crap out of a guy who tried to rob her. When Winifred Peel attempted to get cash from an ATM in Liverpool, 3 men tried to push her aside and take her money. ‘You’re not having my money, young man,’ she thought, then grabbed one of them by the collar, pulled as hard as she could, bashed his head into the wall 3 times, and scared them off. Source Source 2