Cigolio Speciale #3: Nicky Hayden

Non sono mai stato un tuo grande fan - dato che nel 2006 hai fregato il titolo a uno dei miei eroi Valentino Rossi - ma due parole ci tenevo a dirle.
Quando ero piccolo, tutte le domeniche insieme ai miei genitori, ricordo che durante il pranzo guardavamo la MotoGP; Loris Capirossi ti considerava il suo erede fino a che non sei passato in Superbike, ma con la Ducati fino ad allora ci sapevi girare eccome, il che non è assolutamente da tutti.
Insieme a Simoncelli hai riempito il mio pomeriggio domenicale di emozioni contrastanti per anni; ma il mondo è un posto pericoloso, e purtroppo non hai avuto la stessa fortuna di Sic, che ha lasciato prematuramente questo mondo facendo ciò che amava. Ma i grandi campioni restano tali indipendentemente dal modo in cui se ne vanno. Adesso che siete in due potrete fare a gara tra di voi.
Ciao campione.

Huelga Nacional

The streets are flooded with citizens asking for government accountability

Puerto Rico is facing dire financial crisis, and we can’t do anything about it. Our government doesn’t care about it (and by our government I mean both PR and USA governments)

So instead the people take the streets 

This is just the one at la Milla de Oro (the mile of gold) 

Keep in mind that there are dozens of sister marches in different townships 

They still haven’t even allowed an audit to the national debt; instead they have increased the cuts to the UPR (our public university system). the cuts started at ~$450 million dollars (half of the university budget) and are now at ~$650 million

And that’s on top of a lot more budgetary restrictions for middle and lower class individuals. oh and don’t forget the implementation of Promesa, which among other things would take the federal minimum from $7.25 to $4.25 (ish) an hour.

My home is fucked up. My Alma Mater is at risk of being effectively shut down. Students have been on strike on a national level for weeks now. They are tightening the noose around our necks. We have no choice but to fight back and demand accountability. 

(also, due to us being a territory a declaration of bankruptcy does absolutely jack shit for us)

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so i just wanted to point out how Gran Torino very casually calls out to Izuku like it’s no big deal

and Izuku replies with the same sort of familiarity, with absolutely no hesitation whatsoever

and Sir Nighteye is looking at the two very contemplatively

i really hope that Gran Torino and Nighteye have a convo with each other about Izuku in the future, and hopefully that’ll change Nighteye’s opinion of if Izuku is really worthy of OFA and All Might’s legacy