gran tetons

tagged by: @darksign & @luckcloud… figured i’d do both at once :D

  • Name: ven
  • Nickname: jona
  • Favorite Book Series: since i already talk about them a lot i’ll just mention a favorite book: the secret garden
  • Favorite Flower: roses or lilies
  • Favorite Color Scheme: gold and white
  • Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa: cocoa
  • Cat or Dog person: dog!!
  • Favorite fictional characters: too many but shout out to my boy guts and my girl casca
  • Dream Trip: hitting up a lot of the nat’l parks in the western states :D especially gran teton, zion, grand canyon, death valley + crater lake
  • Blog Created: february or march i think? just for this blog tho, i’ve had a tumblr for way longer
  • Number of followers: 174
  • Following: 305
  • 3 things in my room: lots of stuffed animals, comics, art supplies
  • 3 things I’ve always wanted to do: go on that trip, design a game, become an engineer
    3 things that make me happy: my bf and friends, being in nature, reading
  • 3 things I’m currently into: other than the obvious, castlevania, soulsborne. generally Some Goth Aesthetic Shit
  • 3 things on my to-do list: online shopping + baking cookies + finishing (1) one whole drawing

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