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Made a visit to the incredible Nissan Heritage Collection last weekend in Zama, Kanagawa; 300 Nissans under one roof.

The selection of cars is just phenomenal. Everything from road classics to Le man’s prototypes, Super GT racers to rally legends. If you visit, your time to look around freely is limited to about 40 minutes, which just isn’t enough time to look at everything. I spent most of my time there in the race car area. I will definitely need to make another visit to have a proper look at the classic and road car collection.

And as many of you probably noticed….Gran Turismo. I have to say, I’ve never seen so many cars from Gran Turismo in one place. The 90s Playstation nostalgia really started to set in.

Despite the short time I did manage to get some good shots of a few choice cars, and I’ll be uploading them soon. In the meantime here’s a few quick shots including a picture of me with a very big Nissan induced grin on my face!

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It's fathers day! :3 Would it be ok to inquire about having a cute uber fluffy scenario of Midoriya and Toshinori going over to Grand Torino's for father's day? Maybe a touching moment of Toshinori receiving a present from Midoriya for not only being a great mentor but for believing in him and being their for him. \(°□°)/~☆

(Weeks after Father’s Day…)

Best father award for Toshinori 2k15-2k17. Protect his soul from evil anD LET HIM BE IZUKU’S FATHER. 


Short and sweet, hope you enjoy!

Word count: 532.

Midoriya Izuku ft. Toshinori Yagi ft. Gran Torino:

“So why are we going to Gran Torino’s place?” Asked Izuku after the long silence that had accompanied their trip. Toshinori looked down at him, usual frown on his face.

“You must know what day today is,” the boy nodded his head, hand clenching nervously around the small box in his pocket. “Even if his training methods were frightening, he was a good mentor.”

Izuku looked ahead, acknowledging All Might’s words. Soon, they were in front of the old building, and he swore he had seen a small shiver run across the expanse of the blond’s lean back, but that didn’t stop him from knocking on the door.

The old man clearly wasn’t expecting to see his old student and his newer own standing in front of the door, for his expression showed confusion and just a little hint of annoyance.

“I wasn’t told that you would come, I hope you don’t expect me to train you right now.” When he saw both males shake their heads in frantic motions, he sighed. “There’s taiyaki, though, if you want to have some.”

They entered the house, bodies stiff and nervousness swirling around them, but Toshinori decided to break to break the tension, looking down at his former homeroom teacher.

“Happy Father’s Day,” he said, his eyes squinting as he smiled slightly. Upon Gran Torino’s answer, a huff, he stiffened again.

“So that’s what you came here for? Nonsense. Come on, sit down already, the taiyaki is going to get cold.” They ate in awkward silence, and Izuku pondered on the idea of taking his own gift out, when the oldest man in the room spoke again: “But I feel flattered that you remembered me and came to visit. Took you long enough.”

A small smile broke on the blond’s face, and he chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“A-All Might,” called Izuku, standing up, his taiyaki half-eaten. He took the box from his pocket and nearly shoved in under the confused male’s nose, bowing down and almost hitting his head on the table. “H-Happy Father’s Day to you too!”

Toshinori took the box from the younger trembling ones and opened it to find a silver buckle with the U.A. carved on it. His eyes widened slightly as he took the small piece and eyed its flawless finish.

“Y-You have been the best mentor I could ask for, and I’ve felt truly blessed since the day you decided to confide your power on me. Thank you so much for believing in me from the very beginning of for never giving up on me.” His eyes welled up with grateful tears. “Thank you for giving a Quirkless boy hope again.”

“Young Midoriya…” He suddenly reached to embrace the boy. “Thank you for your present and words. They reached my heart.”

He simply could not explain how happy he was about having met him. How grateful he was about having built strong bonds with a boy like him.

A small laugh broke the silence and moment; Toshinori and Midoriya looked to the side to see Gran Torino’s amused expression.

“Toshinori, are you sure this boy ain’t your son? You’re both equally as cheesy, y’know?”

19. Our Grandmother’s are trying to set us up AU

Gah, I put this one on the list thinking that no one would vote for it and then it ended up getting the most votes, and then it actually ended up being really fun to write this so thanks for voting for it everyone

Lily had been going over to her grandmother’s house every Sunday morning for breakfast since she was little. After her parents passed away, she continued to do this, only now she came by herself, as her sister had moved north with her husband and that was all the family Lily had. Her sister and her paternal grandmother.

Anita Evans was a strong and opinionated woman, her trust and admiration was hard won, but she’d always had a soft spot for her quirky and idealistic granddaughter. She was proud of Petunia of course, she had married well and she had gone to uni and, well, that was enough for any grandmother to be proud, but Lily and her had a special bond. Everything that Lily did excited Anita, from going away to boarding school and becoming Head Girl to learning to drive and running errands for her.

Her grandmother had lived on the same plot of land her entire life, and while the surrounding area had changed, even since Lily had been alive, the inside of the house never seemed to change. And so, Lily was surprised when she came over one Sunday morning in the middle of August, to find that her grandmother’s drapes in the kitchen had changed from a pale yellow, to a bright floral print. When Lily commented on them, her grandma smiled.

“Oh yes, that’s my new neighbor’s influence.” She said, and now Lily had to narrow her brow because her grandmother hated new neighbors. She liked Mr. Gary, who had lived three doors down for nearly five decades, and she enjoyed Angelina Rosewood’s company every now and then as the girls had grown up together, but that was about it. Everyone else on her street was an interloper as far as she was concerned. “Her grandson helped us put them up, he’s quite a looker. Most polite boy your age I’ve ever met too.”

And that was the first Lily Evans heard of James Potter.

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I broke my fast after about 29 hours about six hours ago after seeing my psychiatrists and now I feel like shit. I also ate at my gran’s place… I probably ate about 600-800 calories today and i feel like shit about it. I was discussing pizza toppings with my gran for my birthday and my dad just had to say something about me eating a lot. Now I don’t even feel like having a party for my birthday. And after we got home he said I’m probably going to eat again. I just… why? I already felt like shit for eating something tiny. And then ended up binging on crisps. Now I just don’t want to eat anything at all. I might fast until Saturday. Or try to. I didn’t mean to eat today but my gran always gets sad when I don’t eat the food she gives me. I just wish I could die.

Felix Imagine

Hi again! I loved your photo sets/edits of Felix, and I had this really cool and maybe weird idea for an imagine where Felix knows the reader is his true love (for about as long as Pan knew Henry was the truest believer- picture and all), and the reader has never met him before. yet she knows who he is. Like, she would be doing what she usually does, and suddenly an image of Felix smiling or being fierce would cross her mind for a brief second, and then she’s left with wondering how and why does that sort of thing happen. Then they finally meet in Storybrooke, and even though Felix loves her, he’s hesitant because he doesn’t want to scare her and even though she’s head over heels for him, she wants to know what made them have this connection in the first place (the source or reason is completely up to you). Thank you for writing fics and I can’t wait to read more from you :D


[[ I think this is one of the cutest imagine ideas ever! Any excuse for Storybrooke Felix is a good one XD Thank you for the lovely compliments and I hope I do this justice! :) Okay I wrote more than I meant to XD I hope its okay. ]]

Felix was never one to question Pan’s authority or anything he ordered to do. Until one night, when Pan finally reveals the intentions of what must be done.

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Nana never really sparred with Toshinori. It was always Gran Torino. When Toshinori asked Nana why she never sparred with him, she responded by saying he wasn’t strong enough to take her on yet. This drove Toshinori to train harder. One day, he’d be strong enough to fight her.

That day never came. Nana’s death was painful for both of them. Toshinori was going all out. Gran Torino dodged every punch he threw. Toshinori grit his teeth and began to swing wildly, not caring what he hit. Gran Torino called out to him when Toshinori struck a tree, toppling it. A downpour started and Toshinori collapsed to his knees.

Gran Torino approached him and knelt down, placing a hand atop his head. “It’s just not the same, is it?”

That was all it took for Toshinori to burst into tears. Gran Torino pulled the boy into a hug. Tears slipped from under the mask he was wearing.

“Sensei?” Torino looked down at his pupil. “I’ll get stronger! I’ll become the pillar, you’ll see! I’ll make her proud of me!”

The blonde had tears racing down his cheeks. Gran Torino placed his hand atop Toshinori’s head and ruffled his hair. She already is, my boy.