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Actress Sharon Rooney says she owes it all to her wee Granny

…“The only Plan B I’ve ever had apart from acting, would be to go into nursing and I’d probably still consider that.

“I’d love to be a nurse and make a difference. I love helping, I love older people and I love gabbing.”

Sharon’s gran, who died a couple of years ago, was a massive influence in her development and a huge source of inspiration.

“My gran was my best pal,” says Sharon, who won a Scottish BAFTA nomination for her performance as Rae in My Big Fat Diary.

“She wasn’t anything special – and she wouldn’t mind me saying that – she was just a wee Glasgow woman who worked hard all her days and raised a great family.

“But she always believed in me. Everybody needs someone fighting their corner and I was lucky I had this woman fighting mine.”…

Sharon Rooney

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