grams was so great

lasmickey  asked:

I fricken cried through most of this episode TBH and dangit I KNEW grams was making an appearance on the show when Kat uploaded that pic of her and Jasmine, I almost screamed when I saw her name during the beginning credits. So far, best episode this season

anon said:
I just watched the recent ep (skipped through scenes) and Bonnie and Grams are so great! I love them, I never realized how much I missed them together until I started bawling. I REALLY HOPE BONNIE GETS HER BACK. ill be okay with no b*nenzo or bamon (maybe, not really. bamon af) for Bonnie to have her grams back. In terms of love interests excluding the ones I mentioned I would really like Tyler/Bonnie too; Stefan/Bonnie would’ve been bomb af too *sigh* all these wasted potentials.


I love that. I love how for once, even while she was on a mission to help someone else, she had the opportunity to do something for herself. She was there for help with the locator spell, but she also wanted to see Grams again, and you can really feel the surprise and relief and gratitude that she’s feeling. 

Also, look at the way she approached the porch, walking at first and then breaking into a run because she’s so excited:

Even at the end of the episode when she’s sitting outside the boardinghouse and looking sort of wistful, but smiles as she tells Damon she was reflecting on the good things, you just know that she was remembering how it felt to be in her Grams’ arms again, how good it felt to be able to turn to her for help, and talk to her, and do magic with her.

I wish she could get her back, but I don’t think it’ll happen. I’m glad she got this though, and that Damon’s subconscious made that solace for her and that he was able to make it feel real enough (”Wow, he even got the sweater right.”) that she could look back on it fondly.

I know we’ll likely see a lot more cameos of this nature, but Jasmine Guy is always gonna be my favorite.


after my great grandmother lost her husband that she was married to for fifty years in 1986, her neighbor took pictures of the sunrise and sunset every day with his film camera from across the street. when he gave the pictures to her, he told her, “in spite of everything, the sun will always rise, and the sun will always set.” 


They are reunited at last! Thanks so much @crispysnakes for picking up this boy when we weren’t able to. It means the world to us to have such a great friend.

These are 2013 Goldblush Mojave clutchmates. The female is in the center of the pile photos, and to the right in the side by side picture. She has always been a picky eater, but is currently back on rats so I’m hoping she will pack on some grams soon!

As crispy said, these two look so great together. My heart skips a beat when I see them, knowing that I now have the 2 best Goldblush mojaves that Brian Gundy has ever produced!

Stop Rhino Poaching!!

This morning I was fortunate to see this beautiful and endangered Rhino while traveling here in South Africa. Their horns are so soft you could cut them with a butter knife. They are made solely out of keratin, the same thing as our fingernails. Yet, they are being killed and seriously facing extinction within the next couple of years. There are deluded people who think their horn is like Viagra or will cure cancer. The demand for their horns is so great that they are worth per gram 3x the price of gold!! Finally important people all over the world are now “stepping up” to help with this awareness and actually doing something about it. Sitting here and being in their presence makes me realize that money truly can be the root of all evils.