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askarkani  asked:

Arkani@Gramps: Hello, old man Arcanine! Say... you're covered in a lot of scars! Are you some sort of retired warrior or something??

“I was part of a team, we did various types of jobs….”

“As simple as common errands, as complicated as rescues… but our main job was to protect others and the land………….”

“Lunch is here. You can grab some if you want to, Miss”

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Melissa plodded over to the cave , looking over at Aiko curiously "Hey there!" she asked, "I see you live in a cave like I do!" she chuckled a little at the thought "That old man over there isn't holding you hostage is he?" she exclaimed as she pointed over to Gramps "Cause back at home I've got a mentor who would do the exact same thing!"

“No, it’s not–" 

<Gramps covers Aiko’s snout with his paw >
“Oh, whatever will you do now, miss?”

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askaspacevirus  asked:

Fire-tail/Bahram@Gramps Hey mister do you know any cool stories? could you tell one??

There are quite a few stories from where I lived about a hero…….He had a lot so you can choose what kind of story you want to hear. 

(And I’ll try to entertain him with the best of my abilities;;…) 

There are adventure/exploration ones, romantic ones, sad ones……

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askachespin  asked:

Chrysa@Gramps: Hello there. You look like you've been places. Do you two live anywhere in particular or do you travel around a lot?

“This is our current location”

<<The map has been unlocked!!>>

“Oh, it seems that way. Little fairy, better find shelter. There’s a small cave around here if you don’t mind sharing it with us.”

<<It started to rain>>

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Aiko: Hey! Gramps! I’m kinda bored!

Gramps: mm? do you have anything in mind?

Aiko: uuuh…no

Gramps: *his ears perk up* oh…look, a visitor…maybe they can entertain you.

Aiko: eh?! V-visitor?! *hides behind Gramps* hehehe…n-no thank you…I…I’m sleepy! gonna take a nap! he!

Gramps: *sigh* Well…Feel free to do or ask us anything.

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