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I was tagged by the wonderful @morgibritt​ and the lovely @romeo-and-simulet for this one!

I want to answer these for the Curious family, but as I haven’t got too far with them yet I think I’ll use my previous legacy back on Simblroonies, The Rudolphs! Kinda want to reboot them soon but I don’t knoooowww.. Motivation, time and other things I don’t have :/

Favorite Heir(s): Oh man, can I say all of them? Probably not. Moo definitely has a very special place in my heart, I just love her to bits! And we all know that Iri will forever be my baby boy, even though he’s a Grampy now ;-; ..Can I go back to saying all of them?!

Favorite Spouse: These are hard questions ;-; I’ve got a massive soft spot for awkward, sweet and handsome manchilds, so I’ll have to say it’s a tie between Archy and Stitch.

Mishaps during your legacy? Oh Christ, so many! First big one was I accidentally deleted Melvin forever! Had to recreate him for when he came back, and that was stressful! Numerous crashes, characters running away before something important could happen, Husbands not reacting when their wife went into labor, fires, near deaths, actual deaths, the list goes on and on!

Largest number of children? Moo and Archy’s lot where he highest, three girls and a boy. they had a busy household!

Any Surprises? It’s going to sound weird, but it was surprising how the Rudolphs influenced how I rote them. I’d have a plan and they’d go in the complete opposite direction and I always loved that about them. Never had that with any other family.

Legacy OTP: JUST ONE!? I don’t knoooow ;-; Going off of the fact I couldn’t be happy without making sure their spirits met after they passed, I’ll say Mochy, but I love all of them really.

Favorite family pet: Well, since there’s only been two so far, I’ll say Lady. She’s just so lovely and I wanna snuggle with her so bad ;u;

Totally didn’t spend hours reading some of the legacy whilst getting the links up and crying on the inside.. I hoped I wouldn’t miss them this much ;________;

  • Here are some character drawings for the brand new 2016 Boop comic strip which I came across here aka PixieTrixComix. I searched and searched for a source on Tumblr, aka Gisele Lagace the artist, but she doesn’t seem to have an account, which is quite unusual. The post actually links back to her actual Twitter account. Very interesting don’t you think? So Sally Swing actually does wear her bobby soxer outfit.

The Care and Feeding of Your Fluffy:  a List by Steve Rogers Which He Has Provided to Ray Kowalski

1.  Do not panic when you wake up to find a Wolf in your bed.  Your Wolf will be concerned that you are not warm enough, even if you’re wearing your winter pyjamas and the ridiculous nightcap Mama made for you. 

(”Cap, how did y’know about the nightcap?”

“You too, huh?”)

2.  You will always know your Wolf by his eyes. 

(”Look, it’s not Ray’s fault that he couldn’t tell who it was right away.  He’s kind of living in denial for a while now.  That tends to blind a fella.”)

3.  Please do NOT give your Wolf a ridiculous nickname like, say, “Fluffy.”  Management will not be responsible for the consequences if you do.


“There, there, Benton - I mean, Steve called me ‘Floofbutt’ once and I still hold it against him.”

“Aw, Buck, it was an endearment, I swear.”

“Not when you said it while Wilson was in earshot!”)

4.  Yes, your Wolf will purr.  Please just keep scritching him in THAT spot and reserve any and all commentary about the “purring” as ammunition for later.

(”Steve, wolves do not purr.”

“Yeah? I got you recorded on my cellphone and everything.”

“Captain, Diefenbaker would also like to formally register a protest as HE does not purr.  He croons.  There’s a difference.”

“Sorry, Ben - I’m on the side of Captain America for this one.”)

5.  Your Wolf will be ridiculously overprotective and territorial.  Because he’s an oversized nearly two hundred pound Ridiculous Floofbutt who will not stand for anyone hurting you. 

(”So basically, this is the reason why you growled at Stella today.”

“That wasn’t me, that was Diefenbaker.”

“Nuh-uh - I know the difference between you and Dief growls and that was definitely you.  Hah, look at you with the eyebrow rub and everything!”

“Her behavior was inexcusable.”

“Yeah, I love you too.”)

6.  Your Wolf will have very decided food preferences.  Please do not feed him too much pizza, no matter how much he begs.  This includes Diefenbaker.

(”Look, Dief, you’ve hit your pizza quota for the day.  Don’t look at me like that - you know you and Fluffy-Ben are gonna have to run off all that mozzarella goodness for the next couple hours or so….”

“I really don’t understand why I have such an irresistible craving for pizza in my alternate form…”

“Because you’re picking up Dief’s bad habits, that’s why.”

“Oh dear.”)

7.  An Addendum by Ray Kowalski, Because He Technically Has Two Wolves in His Life and That Means He’s Already Outnumbered:  Your Wolf will need wide open spaces and snow, so he can howl happily at the moon with the Half-Wolf.  Go camping as much as you can.  Howling along is a good idea. 

(“Ahhh, listen to them - the children of the night - what sweet music they make!”

“Ben…. is that the infamous Grampy?”

AH! My newest grandson! It’s so good to meet you at last.”

“Ohhhhhh dear.”)

Note:  I still maintain that this is all @tygermama ‘s fault and because Benton Fraser would totally be part of Count Buckula’s family. 

You can read the first part of Ray and Benton “Fluffy” Fraser’s story here.

Overwatch Headcanon

Junkrat learns all of his teammates’ native languages (starting with Roady’s Maori), but exclusively for the purpose of bombarding them with godawful puns.

“’Oy… Hey there Reyes… ¿De dónde van los gatos cuando mueren?”

“Fawkes, I don’t want to do this–”

“Purgatorio.” :D


“Amélie, love! There ya are!  où vont les chats quand ils meurent?”

“Jamison, je refuse–”

“Au purCHATtoire.” :D

“…” *SCOPE ON*

“Reinhardt! Grampy!”

“Child, I already know what you are doing, and–”

“Was lebt im Thunersee?”

“Is this TRULY necessary?”

“Der Thunfisch.”


I went to a hot springs that smelled like rotten eggs and I smiled and I was like “sulfur” and I came up with this theory on why it smelled like sulfur so here’s my theory:

The hot springs is closer to the magma and thats obviously why its hot, then I was all like well magma is closer to hell right and demons are in hell that’s why it smells like sulfur and maybe the demons are trying to get out of hell and thats why they’re at a hot springs

Then I told my Grampy and he told me this whole thing on how it really works so my theory was kinda crushed….

New stuff time! (finally)

TV Show:

  • Donny (21/26)
  • Belly of the Beast (21/26)
  • Marceline’s Closet (21/26)
  • Ignition Point (22/26)
  • The Hard Easy (23/26)
  • The Great Bird Man (13/52)
  • Simon & Marcy (14/52)
  • Chips & Ice Cream (34/43)
  • Graybles 1000+ (35/43)
  • Hoots (36/43)
  • You Forgot Your Floaties (38/43)
  • King’s Ransom (21/39)
  • Scamps (22/39)

Comic Books:

  • Ice King Miniseries #6
  • The Four Castles OGN
  • Issues: #36, #37

+”The Wand” (Short), “Grampie Awards” (Uncle Grandpa Short)
+new fanarts!
+some gifs!

captainsaku replied to your post “captainsaku replied to your post “captainsaku replied to your…”

Dawwww. All the grandpa hugs. And getting his shirt front stained and cried on because he really really thought he’d killed him and he was so scared and so sad and he thought the Captain would keelhaul him for it, or have him whipped and he just REALLY doesn’t want grandpa to die. All of this said in incoherent blubbering speak while he clings to Mir like his life depends on it.


Mir keeps the hug game strong for a while, but like by minute 5 he’s multitasking the hugs and navigations hahah

then anytime Mir’lin wears the ‘sad shirt’ sonny gets a lil sniffly

Mir totally uses this as blackmail later on when sonny’s being a shit

did you know theres a donald trump iii. roday just said “i hope hes a communist” and i had a picture of him open and said “he kinda looks like one” (ok hes seven but let me dream. assassinate your grampy)