I want to make something new. Something unimagined. Reach out and touch the world in ways I never could before, on a journey to new possibilities. And it all starts here, on music’s biggest stage. With Intel’s technology at my fingertips, everything will change.


The first time I spoke to Jimmy Iovine, it was on a 5 a.m. conference call with my management team and the top guys at Apple. Earlier that day, Father’s Day to be exact, I had written a blog post criticizing Apple Music, the new streaming service Jimmy had worked tirelessly to create and cultivate. The ‘Apple Letter’ went viral. I remember thinking, ‘Jimmy Iovine must hate me right now.’ But to my surprise, the voice I heard on the other end of the phone was jovial and thoughtful. He told me that he thought those of us in the industry speaking up about this were right. Later on I would learn that Jimmy was one of the voices that advocated in my favor, and in favor of fairly compensating all music creators for Apple’s three-month free trial period.

“Since that day, I’ve gone on to work with Jimmy and [Apple Music original content director] Larry Jackson on a concert film of The 1989 World Tour. The brainstorming sessions and meetings about this project were electric, with ideas being shared and bounced around with such excitement. Jimmy is one of those rare people who is thrilled by doing what he does every day. His energy is contagious.

“I’ll never know what would’ve happened if Jimmy hadn’t been at Apple, factoring his industry knowledge, humility and generosity into the equation. But I do know this: Jimmy respects the people who make music, and in turn, has become one of the most loved and revered people in the music world.


Taylor Swift for Billboard on Jimmy Iovine, favorite #Power100 Executive (x)


Look at the new The GRAMMYcam!!! Live streaming camera is embedded in the Grammy. Just other reason why I am excited for the Grammys!!! Imagine Taylor holding it!!