grammy ross

ross,,,,got engaged in a fucking ice cream shop??? that’s the most ross thing he could ever do

I love panic! But...

I hope Blink 182 wins the Grammy because they had a COMEBACK.
They lost Tom. A founding member. And came back stronger than ever.

While I love Death of a Bachelor… it was nothing special.

Now onto the petty reasonings:

I don’t want Brendon’s ego to grow anymore than it already has.

I want Tom to be salty as fuck that Blink got that award.

Macklemore has more Grammys than 2Pac, Biggie and Nas, as well as more than “2Pac, Biggie, Nas, DMX, Busta Rhymes, KRS-One, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Big Pun, Jeezy, Ja Rule and Kendrick Lamar, combined.
—  Smash O'Leary